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    All that Remains, yes? no?

    i think their quite good. anyone agree? why or why not?
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    anyone else go to raves? i've been raving for about 1 month and a half now.
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    Anyone use Fruity Loops?

    i just recently bought FL Studio 7, and i've been playing with it for about a week. I've come to the conclusion that the plugins that it comes with suck. so i've downloaded some off the net, but i have no idea how to instal them or whatever you do with them so you can use em in the program. any...
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    Metal Slug

    any fans of Metal Slug? I bought the Anthology for ps2 the other day. havent stopped plyaing it.
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    need help finding some music.

    i'm looking for some music by an artist named Dj Starscream. im hoping to find a torrent of at least one of his albums but its proving difficult. can anyone help me out?
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    Neil Gaiman

    Anyone else read his stuff? hes done well, Sandman for whcih hes famous for, The Books of magic and other i can't remember at the moment. Then his books consist of Good Omens, Neverwhere, Mirrormask, Anansi Boys, American Gods and others. i'm sure somebody has at least read Sandman. tell me...
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    Live Free, Die Hard

    is anyone else looking forward to the next Die Hard movie? i know i am. i love Bruce Willis action films.
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    me beating the knight at critical mode(translations)

    sweetness. i love the screaming. id do that to.
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    Mickey's involvment in the new secret ending

    is there anyreson that mickey's change in cloths and the posesion of the Starseeker could be that mickey is using a drive form? just a thought.
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    Knight Defeated Aftermath Video

    i wish i could have seen the actualy battle. but the video was still great. congrats to the person who defeated the knight.
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    Boss Battle against the Knight Scan!

    snap! i didnt even see this scan yet. so many questions.....
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    ok so Vinnie Paul from Pantera and damageplan( the drummer) and Chad Gray got from Mudvayne(singer) together and decided to make a band! check em out if ya like Pantera or Damagplan or Mudvayne. http://www.myspace.com/hellyeah
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    Battle of the Spartans: Leonidas vs Kratos

    Who win? The Spartan King that led 300 men agianst a massive army, or Kratos from God of War. Now its just a basic fight. Kratos cant use magic, but he can use the Blades of Chaos. and Leonidas has the standard spear, shield and sword. just a one on one battle. go...
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    New Scans / Interview

    ohhh! i cant wait to fight all the Org members!
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    has anyone read this book? im reading it for my English class. if you've read it tell me what you think of it. cause i dont know what to think about it.
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    KH2 Final Mix+ Rating

    well i wish i wouldn't be censored but it most definetly will be. so E 10+ is the most likley choice
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    Alucard or Abel Nightroad?

    which? Alucard the powerful vampire from hellsing? or Abel Nightroad, the Crusnick that works for the Vatican?
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    The most annoying boss.

    yeah vexen was a prick. meany.
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    Something that would be cool in KH2FM+

    sounds neat. but it wont happen. but its fun to think about.
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    Bigger Image of Sora's "NEW" Keyblade

    i cant wait to get that blade!