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    KH2 theme song?

    Well a japanese blog was saying that a song titled "Be My Last" was supposed to be the theme song and it had a link to an article on Yahoo(The japanese version of Yahoo). I used Google Translate and KH wasn't even mentioned so I have no clue what was going on... So basically don't take that for...
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    Hollow Bastion that is the Rising Falls well was the Rising Falls... Darkness has overun that world so it has been changed drastically. The Mulan heartless army is just a bunch of bee-like heartless on the side of a mountain not in front of a castle. PS: Use spell check or learn how to spell...
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    Yeah I totally agree! Sora will be mean http://khu.msgrecia.com/gallery/data/media/7/intro032b.jpg Riku won't be happy http://www.kh2.co.uk/assets/images/update/reverse_rebirth_0001.jpg And Kairi will be sad (sorry no picture.) I hope this showed how good your theory is.(yes this was all...
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    question about Mulan picture

    The picture is distorted. Thats the problem with scanning images, you can't allways expect them to come out perfect. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Notice the full MP Bar is still blue.
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    kh2 money

    KH2 will not make the money you think it will. It will be more like 1million copies in its first month and thats if they're lucky do you have any idea what is going to happen this winter... A new system is coming out and its the first Next Generation console. Its the Next Xbox. just look at...
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    Unknown Cloth's?

    they are "hooded trenchcoats"
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    ?Jump Festa 2005 Trailer?

    Well it DOES exist it just was never recorded because cameras were not aloud at the event. i'm sure the E3 trailer will be better.
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    graphics in KH2

    THe graphics are a lot better but some dynamic lighting would be nice. for you noobs(which you all are -_-) Dynamic lighting is light that changes in real time like the lighting being affected by things in the enviroment( if sora did used thunder and all the shadows were casted across the...
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    Flash animations

    to make any flash animations you need Macromedia Flash which isn't free.... but there is a 30 day trial. 30days is definitely not enough for a good flash movie so i suggest save up cuz the regular version is $500 and the professional one is $700. But I know that even if you download the trial...
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    How do you think will the playable scenes of BHK and Sora will alternate?

    well if they do alternate(which i hope they do!!!) I think it will be similar to Halo 2 where Sora an Co. get into a bit of a pickle that is prolly impossible to get out of(like the thousands of heartless in hollow bastion) it switches over to BHK,go around the level looking for Sora,you fight...
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    Where to Download a compiled HQ Kingdom Hearts Cut-scene Video?

    1. There is no where online where you can get all the cut scenes let alone in high quality. 2. That DVD is made by Jevon Derick former webmaster of derelicte.com 3. He ripped the cutscenes directly from the game using a video capture card. A video capture card allows you to record video...