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    Connection between Sora and Yozora

    Maybe he finally started to grow up, or maybe he's got a solid depression, heh. But I kinda like it-- imo, he behaved childish for far too long. No, he behaved more childish than in KH2, which is... weird. It threw me off and felt like he either stopped progressing as a chararacter, or even...
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    The KH4 combat segment from the Trailer.

    It feels just like KH3 - floaty, super scripted parkour, weak impacts when hitting enemies (and the overuse of Sparkle effects doesn't help). Hope Nomura will actually listen to the critique instead of Hype Train fanboys that are in the top comments under each video.
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    So, does it only have the Remastered songs, or the original ones too?

    I know it's a naive question, but seriously, the most important tracks, such as KH2's: "The Other Promise" or "Disappeared", or 358/2Days' "Vector to the Heavens" - sound far more emotional and dramatic in the original, while, IMO, there are many parts in the remasters that are just a try hards...
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    Would KH3 be better if they included DDD's story in it? (multiple choice)

    Yeah, this is why I think they should have had connected the plot points or just turn DDD into KH3 because it felt like KH3 had nothing to offer when it came to the characters. Heck, they teased us with Xehanort's backstory but all we saw was him and Eraqus playing chess... and we've already...
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    Would KH3 be better if they included DDD's story in it? (multiple choice)

    I mean, as long as we would leave all that filler "Need to travel across random worlds to relearn Power of Waking" bullcrap and provide few tweaks in the plot to make the games connect with each other smoothly.
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    In your opinion, did ReMind fix the game?

    Data Battles and melee combat refreshment definitely made me like the game more, and the new plot elements made me like it slightly more due to the (still-somewhat-weird) explanations for the bullcrap we've witnessed in the base game. However, replaying the exact same stuff right after finishing...
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    Honest opinion, Power scaling isn’t as bad as the fans say

    Technically, there are 2 endings and Nomura is a fanboy for that character :d
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    News ► Dual wielding returns with Kingdom Hearts III's Oathkeeper and Oblivion new formchange

    Hope we don't have to start the game from the beginning (or before the Keyblade Graveyard stuff happened) to play through all the new content.
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    Honest opinion, Power scaling isn’t as bad as the fans say

    THANK YOU for this topic; it really bothers me how ignorant fans are about the scaling! 100% agree and I thought I'm the only person who has noticed this. Actually, you're only partly right, here. While it's true Sora has ultimately defeated him with the pOwEr Of FrIeNdShIp, he still pushed...
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    Were the Final Fantasy characters ever needed in Vanilla KH3?

    They were literally introduced to us before even the Disney characters were (on Destiny Islands). They were also the most into the Xehanort fiasco next to the KH characters themselves. You'd have thought that someone who was a part of starting the trilogy, would also be a part of ending it...
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    Things you actually miss from past games, and didn't see in KH3

    This. I already had problem when they started playing around with The Other Promise in the HD remasters (though, the Coded one was fitting, I won't lie). Simply put: soundtrack is now foucused more on sounding pretty rather than emotional. EDIT: Also, I liked the more melancholic/magical vibes...
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    News ► Gamereactor interviews Yasue on KH3's Critical Mode, process of integrating Disney into series

    So, basically: Nomura: How are we gonna handle the plot for Frozen? Disney: Let it go. (This joke is deeper in this case, so I'm not sorry)
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    Yeah, no, we gotta talk about that "trailer" Intro

    The vocals are generic, the music is... *sighs while giving the millenials a death stare*, and the characters aren't even made with the typical, higher quality cinematic models but with an in-game, a little polished, models. If that wasn't enough, the choreography/theme of the intro seems to be...
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    Why do so many people find Aqua interesting?

    To me, she is just the "mother" type of character and nothing else. Generic, in other words. Similar thing goes with Terra, Ven... But they at least have their "dark sides" that are interesting. In fact, I kinda feel like Nomura was very meticulous when he said that he relates to the "negative"...
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    Do you think that KH3 will feel SPECIAL like your fav/1st KH game(s)?

    IMO, the plot seems underwhelming - just tons of fanservice with a rehashed mix of KH2 with DDD. And Nomura'll still manage to confuse us (which is normal), but the question is... how MUCH? Will it be like: "Oh, that's a cool idea which I don't understand but am willing to explore further!" or...
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    Didn't they just tone Riku down tho?

    I mean, he was always a fanservice character, wasn't he? The big, visible muscles, self-confidence, the visible bellybutton and "rockstar" hair in KH2. What do you think about his current being? And do you dig his personality change? (sorry for possibly repeating same topic from some time ago...
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    Your favourite original Org. XIII member? (besides Axel, Roxas and the one we don't remember)

    hee hee~ you've tripped on the name too xd[/SIZE] Damn, I completely forgot about the Manga... Then again, I don't remember much from it anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ From what I DO remember, I couldn't stand the candy face designs and the overly comedic feel it had in places where it shouldn't. The...
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    Has anyone else been having this problem on the PS4?

    Never heard of such a glitch (then again, haven't played a remastered KH2FM yet). Maybe a good ol complaint to the shop which you bought it from, may help?