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  1. J

    Request - Someone to do a bit of computer artistry for me, can't offer anything in return tho

    Thought I'd put the selfish nature of the request in the title itself. Basically I would like an updated version of this image; https://www.khwiki.com/images/4/4b/True_Organization_XIII.png but with Vanitas and Marluxia added. There are no KHIII Org renders yet, so the BBS and Days ones are...
  2. J

    Toy Story world connected to Xion?

    Nomura has mentioned a few times that he wants the worlds that appear in Kingdom Hearts III and the Organization XIII villain that appears in them to actually be relevant to the larger plot this time around. From what we've seen Young Xehanort is visiting the world in order to learn how toys can...
  3. J

    Do you think they'll ever update X Back Cover with additional scenes?

    With the recent Theater Mode and Tears update to Kingdom Hearts and 358/2 Days respectively, would you consider this a potential possibility? Since release I've wondered how, or rather if, they will include future Union X content on the PS4. After all, with the rest of the Kingdom Hearts story...
  4. J

    My story - Kingdom Hearts and Me (warning: tedious and long)

    This isn't a question or a discussion really, this is just somewhere for me to give structure to my thoughts. I am 28 years old, soon to be 29. While that is probably older than most members of this forum, I was only 15 when the first Kingdom Hearts was released on the PS2 in Europe. Again...
  5. J

    Michael Johnston plays Ephemera in Kingdom Hearts X [chi] Back Cover!

    Speaking of Fullmetal Alchemist, Foreteller Gula sounds a lot like Todd Haberkorn (Ling).
  6. J

    Kingdom Hearts III Final Mix+

    Early days, I know. However this seems, to me, to be the most plausible route the series may take considering a few different factors; 1 - Each main Kingdom Hearts title has had a Final Mix within a year of the original release. 2 - A HD release of Dream Drop Distance was decided against at...