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    358/2 Days Menu Translations Released

    Hey, this might be old news but I thought that I'd share it , Psycoblaster has released a patch that translates some of the menus of the Japanese copy of 358/2 Days into English. It is by no means a complete translation nor does it have any dialogue translated. However it does make the game...
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    Square Enix at E3. Could this mean something big for 358/2

    I think we all kinda know in our hearts what will be happening at e3 for SE. 1. Focus on FF13... afterall, it going to 360 was the biggest news on the street last year. 2. Then maybe KH stuff Then within that, there will be an almost finished localization ver of 358, and then some demos that...
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    KH: Re:CoM What About Us!?!?!?

    I'm surprised Europe KH fans are freaking, have you forgotten that all games go, Japan-> NA -> EU ? Just be glad you're not in Austrialia, they get em later than the EU! So its not too late, just be your usual patient selves :) Edit: To the guy who posted above me; I got my Swap Magic from...
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    Anyone else think "Unbirths" will change?

    Because I do! Honestly, the first thing I thought of was the abortion issue, and I wonder what Nomura will be trying to say with this. Maybe I shouldn't have said that, don't wanna start anything, but if you thought of it too, feel free to say you did, otherwise; I think its best not talk about...
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    Questions on the growth abilities on KH2FM+

    Umm, the question has already been answered by me... there are 3 levels of the growth abilities outside of the forms, then a fourth only available while inside the form. Because this seems to be troubling people, for example, in valor form you get an even higher 'high jump' and a slightly lower...
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    drive forms(photobucket(bad pictures))

    For the love of god close the thread! The pictures are burning through my eyes and into my soul!
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    Questions on the growth abilities on KH2FM+

    Yeah, like glide, and dash, and high jump... They are rank 3 at the highest rank of the form when you are outside of the form, and rank for when inside the form.
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    BBS tutorial

    well first, the station of awakening is in Sora's heart, so no, :) but i get what you're saying There should be one at some point in the game, that place really made me fall in love with the first game, so why not include it?
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    The leaked BBS video is taken down on U.S. Youtube! :*(

    Hmm, if a mod wanted to close this thread... I wouldn't feel insulted or anything... the title gets the point across. Anyway We should be taking this argument to the streets of Tokyo, right? Oh, and to save a video from youtube here's what I did Be in internet explorer Go to the U.K. page...
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    The leaked BBS video is taken down on U.S. Youtube! :*(

    Well, that was random... he will probably go like Hideo Kojima. Get tired of making games, then have us gamers send him death threats til he makes MGS4... aren't we pleasant?
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    The leaked BBS video is taken down on U.S. Youtube! :*(

    Let's hope for a good quality trailer soon! English would be nice too, but so would cookies and icecream. Oh, and like I said golden knight, the video is taken down on the U.S. youtube, not the U.K. one. The U.K. youtube is what the main page links to, not the U.S. one.
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    The leaked BBS video is taken down on U.S. Youtube! :*(

    Well, guess we can't say we didn't see it coming. Feel free to try clicking on this link a couple times like I did. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. Though the u.k. youtube still has it up, but keep that on the down low :)
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    Ask the KHinsider Staff: Birth by Sleep Trailer

    Can we confirm that this is indeed the closed door trailer that was shown in the mega theatre at the Tokyo Game Show?
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    The World Ends With You | It's A Wonderful World

    The World Ends With You; Impossible to Find... If you've come to the search for this game late, like me, then you might have noticed that its sold out everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Check target.com bestbuy.com ebgames, gamestop, whatever you choose, its gone. So has anyone had any luck...
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    hardest boss

    Out of whole series, definetly terra, he takes both serious skills and serious luck to beat. Out of chain of memories, that part where you're in monstro as sora and need to kill a lot of heartless at once... I basically had to go out and farm for some good cards because my deck blew...
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    I'm about to finish KH and...

    It seems like everyone and their grandmother has a GBA, I borrowed one from my friend and bought a used copy of the game from some gamestop somewhere... I wonder if you could find a Rom... Nah...
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    which game do you think is more fun?

    I was very disapointed by how little changing the 2-d CoM to 3-d CoM actually affected the game. I found just awkward to try to convert to the PS2 controls while being used to the GBA ones. Last, the 3-d cutscenes, while pretty, added nothing that had not been explained in GBA format. KH2FM on...
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    Roxas' comment during the Battle

    First part; I agree, keyblade. To answer why it gets such anthropomorphism-like qualities would be theorizing, so just for the fun, I'd say that perhaps it is the embodiment of some character... could ven turn into a keyblade after the BBS trailer in FM? Anyway; Second part; I believe that it...
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    KH2FM+ English Patch

    I read that what you need is an original copy of the game, then decrypt it with DVD decrypter or Alcohol 120%, or whatever, then download some program-dealy that will apply their patch, then burn this new image file and enjoy! Too bad it's not for FM, Re:CoM was kinda a let down.
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    Clouds Sword

    Seconded on decoration. Gotta admit, it looks pretty bitchin'!