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    Fanfiction ► UNREAL: Kingdom Hearts - Episode 1

    Re: UNREAL: Kingdom Hearts - Episode I Chapter 16 Kali wasted no time and leapt up towards Xentar and slammed the blade down on him. Xentar actually managed to grab her by the torso, looking down at her as he could very well crush her with ease in his large hand. He watched as she tried to...
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    Fanfiction ► UNREAL: Kingdom Hearts - Episode 1

    Chapter 13 Island 51, Security Room Everything was going into place for Jafar: Mulluns had finally arrived with the Keyblade, which the very presence of it will seek out The Keyhole for him. And then... he would have the Darkness pour out and dominate the planet. He seemed to care very little...
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    Fanfiction ► UNREAL: Kingdom Hearts - Episode 1

    Chapter 10 Note: This Chapter was Role Played by me and my friend, and was then later edited by me. Both Mulluns and Kali ran down the alleyway, out into the streets, towards where Mulluns had parked his car. By the time he got there, they could already tell that something was wrong as people...
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    Fanfiction ► UNREAL: Kingdom Hearts - Episode 1

    Chapter 7 Egypt, Africa. September-16-2026 Kali was still at the ruins she was investigating after giving the Keyblade she discovered to Mulluns. This one, however, was a bit farther then the one she was just recently at, but seemed to be offering even more information then the last tomb was...
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    Fanfiction ► UNREAL: Kingdom Hearts - Episode 1

    Chapter 4 Egypt, Africa. September-15-2026 Kali Archon was on an archeological dig around the area where the long lost ruins of some unknown civilization was discovered about a decade ago. Many of the ruins were a bit similar to the ones discovered else where, such as the Pyramids here in...
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    Fanfiction ► UNREAL: Kingdom Hearts - Episode 1

    My terrible mistake, I missed the "FanFiction" fourm in the creative writing area. Could a mod or staffmember kindly move this to there, if that is where it belongs? Thank you. This is a make over of my last fan fic of the same name and story, but with better grammar and photos to enhance the...
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    Fanfiction ► UNREAL: Kingdom Hearts

    lol Here be the next two chapters. Chapter VII Egypt, Africa. September-16-2026 Kali was still at the ruins she was investigating after giving the keyblade she discovered to Mulluns. This one, however, was a bit farther then the one she was just recently at, but seemed to be offering even...
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    Fanfiction ► UNREAL: Kingdom Hearts

    Thanks for the Comments, Guys. Really means alot. :thumbup: Here's the next two chapters. Expect the next two chapters next week. I hope. lol Chapter V Cairo, Africa. September-16-2026 Larxene, a member of a mysterious group known only as "Organization XIII", was walking down a alleyway...
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    Fanfiction ► UNREAL: Kingdom Hearts

    Chapter III Mulluns continued on through the building, seeing more of the mysterious crates and as well as several more men in dark red with masks. Something about them seemed... strange, but he decided not to focus on it, what there business was is there own. Among some of them, they were...
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    Fanfiction ► UNREAL: Kingdom Hearts

    Right then, this is like my very first fan fiction i wrote, that happens to be a cross over! So, just be a bit Gentle with this and let me know if there's a problem. Anyways, the story... Its pretty much a sequel to a movie i made called "Unreal", which is a bit based off the Video Game by Epic...
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    My name is Mulluns.

    Re-Greetings, all. I joined here about a year or so ago, and was a bit active around before and after the release of Kingdom Hearts 2(Which is still a great game), and then i suddenly stopped being active, as i did a few other fourms i am/was on. Some of you may remember me, some of you may not...
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    Axel in Final Mix secret video?

    The ES looks more like Siax to me. His hair, his face, and his eyes that go yellow.
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    Sora's Official Height?

    He's too short, thats what. I mean....My god, most kids his age are actualy tall. He needs to be taller, mainly due to the fact that its silly that he has to look up to almost everyone he talks too, especialy the women in the game! He should be taller then them even, just because its more natural!
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    The Legened of Jack Sparrow

    I was at Game Stop the other day, and they have a game called Pirates of the Carabbean: The Legened of Jack Sparrow. Anyone tried it yet? I want to rent it before i buy it incase its a crap game, but i cant find anyone who has it for rent.
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    Fan Movies

    Um yes, i have been doing fan movies for a while now, and i was thinking of sharing them here. But all i see is a fan art and a fan fiction area. So i really dont know where to post them... :confused: :(
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    Who is your favorite Organization member?

    I agree with this wise person. ^^^ But meh, mine is Xigbar. He has freaking guns and a eyepatch, what else is there to tell?
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    Disney Villina VS Org Members! Who will win?

    Dunno if this belongs in the games section or not, but what ever. The Disney Villians and Xenohart were the main VIllians in KH1 and the Org members were the main villians in CoM and KH2. Ever wonder if one of each team was pitted in a fight against eachother? And who would win? THis is...
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    Favorite Non Disney/FF Character.

    What was your favorite Non Disney/Final Fantasy Character in the KH Series?
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    Star Wars Episode XIII!!!!

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    Im back like the Plague!

    Did ya all miss me? I've been gone for about several months and im back to serve you all once more. :p P.S. Dont press Shift 5 times in a row.