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    Kirk Thornton confirmed to voice...wait for it...

    Yeah, Gabumon? wasn't that show from a really long time ago? I watched that when I was 5, I'm thinking his voice has probably changed cause he's gotten a lot older now.
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    Birth By Sleep demo?

    This may have already been asked, but is there a downloadable demo for Birth by sleep, because I have read about there being demos, but I don't know if they were only for shows, and is there videos for the most recent demo then?
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    Axel Can Cook?

    Or could it possibly be Marluxia didn't have breakfast that morning resulting in not having enough energy, making him the easiest boss in the game, so really the whole point of kingdom hearts is actually incopereated with frosted flakes not disney, but they made their characters and their logos...
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    What are all the trailers for birth by sleep?

    Could someone post a link/links to all the trailers for bbs, I'm sorry if this forum has already been made.
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    All the birth by sleep videos??

    Can someone post a link/links to the trailers of videos, because I'm tired of seeing the kh 2 secret ending all over you tube, sorry if there is already a topic on this, then just put the link to the topic...
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    (SPOILERS) Roxas's Diary Entries

    I think he needs to go to a meeting for ice cream addiction..
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    (SPOILERS) Roxas's Diary Entries

    sweet now i somewhat understand whats going on in the game!
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    Most Epic Scene in the game?

    The most epic part was when Goofy died I was like woooooo is that possible?? and sora was all angry, then i decided it was the coolest game in the whole world because they killed Goofy, then he came back and i was disaponted, but imagine all the children crying when Goofy dies