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    Spoilers ► LEAKS discussion - ENTER AT OWN RISK

    Nomura has the ability to make good KH girl characters ! The thing is that HE chooses which one will get much love that will fit HIS ideal story creation (His Vision) in this case Aqua, Xion, and Subject X. Kairi will MOST LIKELY have her time shine though but not before other plots are fleshed...
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    Kairi's Keyblade

    So in KH 1, was riku weapon the soul eater count as a keyblade? Or was soul eater a random weapon like the organization 13
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    A Good Platform To Post My -Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far- Movie Series

    This doesn't answer question at the slightest but i am very interested to seeing this! Please find a way to post it!
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    Has xehanort read the book of prophecies?

    I don't really know much about the lore well enough like the others but for 2. If he had read the book of prophecies knowing that Sora wins the fight, then why go through all that phases of fighting. It's more along the lines of maybe Xigbar is feeding him bits and pieces of information to...
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    Why Master Aced will be a boss in KH4

    How is Nomura gonna add characters from Union X, disney characters, and then characters from yozora's world in one game. It almost feels like yozora world is like a spin-off standalone game that is disconnected from the KH universe. SO many questions but Nomura has to stop with all these...
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    Why Master Aced will be a boss in KH4

    All of them will be. I'm sure one of them will fight us to test our belief and then let us pass. Some will fight us just out right with brute force and no reprucussion aka Aced (bear master). Hell even master Ava will probably be a boss fight. What i'm wondering is how Yozora, Luxord, and their...
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    Another KH3 DLC?

    Story wise i feel like they are done with the game but i still feel like they can still add like the coliseum similar to kh1/kh2. I dont even think we have re-colored heartless. Minor thing but still
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    Another KH3 DLC?

    damn, i was kind of hoping for some gameplay tweaks. Not expecting any story elements cause they are for sure done. Wouldn't hurt to add more saves, keyblades, and abilites but alas that is highly unlikely
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    Another KH3 DLC?

    Was it confirmed that Re:Mind is like the equivalent of KH2FM. Meaning that we won't get anymore dlc???
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    (SPOILERS) Union X: The ark to the future

    Let us not forget that Lea & Isa were trying to save a girl in Radiant Garden. A girl with no memories that is locked up. Has to definitely be Skuld. Which brings me to say that the culprit is Skuld. It is too easy to say that it is ventus given his unknown history. I don't have a lot of things...
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    My biggest question which I know won't get answered: When did luxu stole Xigbars body?

    We will eventually know the "non-important" bodies that he has over take but not like the names or their pass life. From the KHUx era til BBS, Luxu probably taken a lot of hosts and while we want to know encounters with Luxu, i think the only important interaction we will get is probably just...
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    Where was Xigbar/Braig during KH1

    Thats a good point. I always wonder what was the point of becoming a nobody for the second time when he could have been the regular braig. As for what happen to braig's heart, that is up in the air because only MoM could have taught Luxu how to do those devious actions which is very heartless...
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    Where was Xigbar/Braig during KH1

    I'm not sure if i'm missing something but was he was a nobody or in hiding and what was he doing during KH1
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    Why has Sora's hair changed?

    There was an article about Nomura talking about Sora's hair along the lines of he didn't he want his hair to get to spiky as like in KH1 and KH2. As for how he changed his hair in-game, that's a toss up as to how that happened.
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts 3's Critical Mode will be arriving tomorrow!

    I hope they will make an update where u can skip all the cutscenes in the game. As of right now, its getting annoying to skip 3-4 scenes consecutively
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    Is this hate for Kairi alone upset me?

    The only way i see Nomura redeeming himself at this point is that in the next titles, have Kairi playable so i can train her up, then use her to party up with Riku and save Sora! Is that too much to ask for??! If not let her stay on Destiny Islands with Selphie and have her go back to school.
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    I’m starting to think riku was just a advertising scam

    I was mad af when Nomura said Roxas was the biggest secret. For now on when i read articles of the interviews he does, im not gonna believe a word he says until i play the games lol. And it is weird that we didnt get a playable dark world and play as Riku but i bet you that when FM comes out he...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    While what you guys are saying are true about the interactions with other characters, it most likely happened off screen. What they should have done was include all those tid bits with the trios etc. I am pretty sure all of them had a talk but again off screen lol :(
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    Do you think Vantias Face reveal might cause chaos with the other cast?

    Might be a little spoilers for those who hadn't played BBS but in KH3 do you guys see the possibility that people who are close to Sora sees Vanitas face thinks that Sora has fallen to darkness in which return might caused them to be in a huge shock/despair and do something that might initiate a...