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    Lexaeus and Saix

    They are really both different. Saix = win though.
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    Happy birthday COM

    Um... ok? Congrats to CoM I guess.
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    Hello to All

    I never really made a formal introduction, but hello. I'm glad to be here, I guess.
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    2-D vs 3-D

    Ask Xaldin, he's played it. He could say himself.
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    Help/Support ► Problems All Around.

    He didn't have a depression, he was just playing a fun game.
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    Help/Support ► Problems All Around.

    It's part of the game, and it's not silly at all you inconsiderate dckweed. This may sound bad but you should remember that the people who read these messages are real. This place is a public place. Saying 'A belt? He killed himself with a belt? Oh, that's silly!' doesn't make you stand out...
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    Help/Support ► My Father's New Rule

    You're dad is clearly fcked up in the head. I don't want to sound rude, honestly, but he has more problems going on than a few rules around the house. He beats you? Beating is something called 'illegal'. If the police don't do anything, call someone else to do something about it.
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    Help/Support ► Problems All Around.

    Shit... that game where you hang yourself and get a quick high... just DON'T DO IT. My friend died from that game. It's called many names, but we called it 'Fly High'. Basically, you put something round your neck so that you cut off your air, and blood to the head. Then, when you're about to...
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    P00P HATERZ CLUB $#^$@#^@@#%@$^$%@$$@#@^$# (more random things in every club's title)

    Join here 2 be an ultra p00p hater! No one likes fecal matter! Fight against all p00 in da universe!!!! Members: -Mint- ozymandius theannoyingthing None. People are too scared to join. Scratch that. Someone joined.
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    Malificent and Pete ?????

    Interesting... I'm gonna go with D, make up my own: They had a small love affair and ran off. End.
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    Join the ultimate Guitar Fanclub! Where we talk about... guitar. What else? Talk about anything from techniques to music to your fave song to what you're currently playing. Anything guitar based is fine. Except PLAY guitar! magazine. It sucks. Members: -Mint- (Founder) jump <Ichigo>
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    Help/Support ► Suffering From Depression/Suicidal Thoughts

    That Starfish program actually sounds really good. How helpful is the guy on the other end?
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    have you beaten the game?

    Um, yes I have beaten the game. Is that all? *shuffles away* (It was quite easy.)
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    I wonder if we'll ever get to fight Zexion... Also, the Replica used Zexion's power, he didn't kill him.
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    New unknowns?

    We better find out more about their pasts in the remake. Their characters were quite shallow in the original.
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    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chains of Memories discussion

    I bet they will release it here. I prefer the Japanese voices to the English, so I hope they include those with subtitles at the bottom.
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    Kingdom Hearts Triathelon!

    I guess it'd be fun to play them all back to back. Honestly, once KH: FM+ comes out, I'd rather just play it until I've beaten it a couple of times, then maybe play them all in order.
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    My thoughts on the COM Demo

    I hope it's as good as they say. Or, not 'they' but 'Xaldin'. Did anybody else here get the chance to play it? Also, Xaldin, what worlds were there apart from Olympus Coliseum that you could play? Did you reach any story rooms?
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    Carboxyl Group Fan Club

    This is the fan club for everyone who likes the Carboxyl group in amino acids. Put this in your sig if u wanna join:
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    Has anyone gotten to level 99 with Riku? He must be so good then! ~On Topic: That was a nice vid, although the recorder could have been better.