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    Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

    I can see the last game being "Kingdom Hearts III: Super Dream Rebirth in 358/2 Days Inside a Long Chain of Memories and Sorrow" or some other really unnecessary name
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    Final Trailer (now with Simple and Clean!)

    Re: Final Trailer Here (7:11) Terra's voice was pretty bad when he was talking about being a keyblade master and I say they should have went with Simple and Clean in the middle but other than that, it seems great although, I hope only MX calls Vanitas Va-NI-Tas, it just sounds awkward
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    gamespot E3 noruma interview

    i bet u that 3d stands for 3 destinies and Kairi is secretly playable. Its just a guess
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    PSN Demo?

    well I doubt it also but dont forget Dissidia got a demo
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    Prince of Persia World???

    Now that Prince of Persia came out in theaters as a Disney movie, do u think its possible that in a new Kingdom Hearts there would be a world, given that Pirates of the Carribbean has gotten into KH. Although since they already have a Persia like world (Agrabah) and the real PoP is a Ubisoft...
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    The new Boss in the NA version of BBS...

    Sora Sephiroth or Young MX are the ones I hope for. I also wonder about the crown stickers
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    Famitsu interview with BbS developers (Feb 25 issue)

    I would hope for a more original secret boss, even i still want lingering vanitas in it
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    Episode 8 is here!! Summaries and SPOILERS

    read the Heartstation review of it. it is even more in depth then Lissar's/ReBirth Wing's summary. No offense
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    Episode 8 is here!! Summaries and SPOILERS

    i thought it was for sure going to be Ven who was the "important person" You can either say it was Roxas or Namine or maybe even Selphie... jk about the last one What a disappointment, but it wasnt too bad of just a filler episode in the overall plot
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    Vanitas D-Link

    This may have been hypothesized already or have been proven wrong so if it is you can close the thread or something like that but I just have a very quick idea why Vanitas D-Links with Ven. It is true that Ven's final fight occurs somewhere in his heart or consciousness so i think it would make...
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    Now that we've seen the BBS final boss, which Final Boss was the most epic in the series?

    Ansem looked the most intimidating, just thinking how huge he was with that whole world thing connected to him but i also think Vanitas was also cool with the Dive fight
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    BBS Final Mix??

    I know its probably been discussed before but i cant seem to find a thread on it so i just have to ask. after BBS is released globally, do you guys think possibly there will be a final mix. I mean Nomura said BBS is on par with the console games and they got the redo treatment (e.g. KH1, KH2...
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    Episode 8 = Castle Oblivion?

    most obviously Ven. I cant think of anyone else considering what happened during the Final Episode. but then again, why could no one find Ven in the castle, considering the amount of visitors of the castle, especially sora
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    Where is Master Eraqus's Heart?

    when ME dies, it reminds me when Kairi went into Sora's heart
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    X-Blade pronunciation

    I think it will be X Blade because it would make more sense plus the blade is shaped like an X But any way this is off topic but @Breaktheice16, I live not too far from St. Clair Shores, i live in Harper Woods
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    roxas and ven at c.o

    I wonder is Ven's physical body is STILL in Castle Oblivion or Roxas is his manifestation, just something to think about
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    BBS Difficulty Level?

    Definetly Proud mode because if a game is to easy it will get old too quickly plus i like the challenge. Also it will make the game just a bit longer the harder it is and plus secret ending in English when i get it
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    vens heart

    im pretty sure you kind of had to be born with no darkness or something like that, its possible but im 25/75 on that one
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    The boss is this YouTube - Kingdom hearts Birth by Sleep secret boss
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    The Secret Reports [Number One Posted]

    Ven is probably the foolish peer because Ven was MX's apprentice beforehand and MX betrayed him and extracted Vanitas