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    Question with BbS

    Will the game region locked and is the system region locked? (sorry if this is in the wrong area.)
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    AVT's Master?

    Ive been hearing about AVT's master is in birth by sleep and i cant find one think about this master. is this some crazy talk made up by a guy on the fourms or is this true, if truwe post a link to a photo or a article about the master.
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    Unused King Boss

    I saw a picture of the unused King boss in KH II. could somebody repost the image on this topic. Strawberry Edit:
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    Unlock characters on days?

    sorry im wrong, im at 296. but no goofy.
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    Mega Man Star Force 3 Brother Request

    I was looking if anyone would become my brother. My Brother Name is Roxas13, and my health is 490.
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    For the Wii?

    Well, I think it beacuse, CoM did not get a FM, It got a different title. Thats why I think It would come out on wii as Kingdom hearts: RE 358\2 Days. Anyway IGN says that they are working on one.
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    Other World

    This is a Kingdom Hearts Only World.
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    Game Questions

    Sorry for repost.
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    Game Questions

    Then you fight a boss like the boss in Deep Jungle with that crazy human who hasa a shotgun. but hes not there......
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    In days, Roxas falls into a coma and the members in CoM are not in the rest of the game, besides axel. Somebody else may have said this.......
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    Unlock characters on days?

    I got donald before day 199. Still not goofy.