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    kingdom hearts spoof

    hi guys cheak out kingdom hearts spoof it's really funny me and my friend have made it and watch more episodes of it too. spoof 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQjSb6cVAG4 spoof 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6pg3gHpk-s spoof 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ok0CtXT1dCk spoof 4...
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    wisdom form help plz!!!

    goto dark city in the world that never was easy way to lvl it up all my forms are MAX
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    Oriculum +...

    i made the ultima wepon there are only 7 +
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    None Org bosses

    in the graveyard where u fight saix did anyone find zexion wepon i can't find it
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    "Official I beat Kingdom Hearts 2 Thread"

    i beat the game with ulitma wepon
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    final form video

    a video of of final form http://youtube.com/watch?v=Z-JEWczKRsE also can someone tell me the name of the song thats playing in it please oh yeah this video might be old
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    Rose clan XIII order

    if any of u guys play R.O.S.E online i'm making a clan called the 13th order pm if u want to join it
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    passion english and playable kingdom hearts 2 demos kingdom hearts 2

    Has passion the english song come out yet i heard that it coming out in 3 weeks there is also a kingdom hearts 2 demo out in game stores soon but not yet not sure when the date is allso i heard that Nea Zealand might have copy of kingdom hearts 2 in english i read about that some where.
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    HELP!! I can't beat Ansem on Reverse/

    heres how i beat him when he use a relgur card use your highes one when combe 0 keep doing that intell u turn into dark riku just keep attack don't use card combos they will mest everything up
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    A Drive Form Glitch?

    don't call him moron he didn't know he was asking a question.
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    This is really really really weird

    take a pic of it then go to photobucket
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    Mystery behind Tron World!

    its a really old disney movie i wonder if i can rent it at blockbuster. You guys should see that movie
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    yeah get a mod chip to play it
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    Refering to the release date

    I preordered KH2 he told you u couldn't preorder it.
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    play kh1 and gom again

    I played Kh1 trying to get the Umita wepon right now COM wasn't my fav GBA game
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    twilight keyblade

    yeah that would be cool if riku got his own keyblade
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    So KH 2 is not 2 discs?

    i think when KH2 comes out there really be more stuff added then the japanese will have to make another final mix for KH2
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    Wooden Sword

    is this really such a big deal
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    Replay KH1

    i wanted to beat the game useing keydom key only but i never followed though with it
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    What member of the order will be the hardest or your favorite?

    I think the guy that looks like zexion will be the hardest he's to cool to look weak