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    how do i get final form?

    u get it by equipping oblivion to urself and oathkeeper on a drive form like.....master,once u drive into master,u drive into final instead,if that dosnt work,then i dont know
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    final form?????

    how to get final form? i got it by equipping oblivion to the main keyblade then equip oathkeeper to a drive like valor,then when u drive into valor,u automatically drive into final
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    dissapointed with summons

    i use peter pan 4 times only just because it looks kool
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Finishers

    5 days and welcome to the forums
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    How do u fight sephiroth?

    u go back to hollow bastion/radiant garden,and go where u fought 1000 heartless
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    clouds omni slash is da coolest!
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    dark crystals????can anyone help

    i need help too,i cant find dark crystals,i can only find dark shards plz anyone help us?????
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    KH2 - Play Arts Figures

    this was already posted today
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    What Did you like better from the first?

    o yeah,i 4got.i never beat him,im lvl 51,i wach the cutscene,after that,i start battling him,he just sliced me with one hit,and i died.i didnt see that reaction command......
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    What Did you like better from the first?

    i missed aero too,but i guess they replaced it with reflect edit:i liked the secret bosses in kh1,but kh2 didnt have any,any that I know of
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    How do you get Final form!

    thats wat i did except i equipped oathkeeper with master and oblivion to myself
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    KHII commericals.

    mee to
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    How do you get Final form!

    i just got it randomly,i was gonna drive into master form when i was fighting xigbar,but it drived into final instead
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    Kh2 Fans

    no advertising.......
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    I need a hug....

    ow.........just ow......thats just sad.....0.o ow...
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    The Live Gamespot review is finally online!

    longggggggggg.thx again :D
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    The Live Gamespot review is finally online!

    THANX DUDE![whatches it]
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    ima get mine tomorrow on wednesday toooooo
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    God Bless Wal-mart

    lemme put it this way......I-H-A-T-E-Y-O-U-!