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    What about Paine???

    Stay as far away from FFX2 is KH2's goal? 0.o
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    Limit Break's farewell thread

    Heh, seems like this is a little unexpected but I guess it can't be avoided. With the lack of freedom and the amount of stress I've been juggling, I believe it should now be time for me to leave KHforums.com. Other reasons to add may be because the forums seems to be different from what it...
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    The Catcher in the Rye

    I'm not a reader on average but I have to say this is my most favorite book. In comparion to other books, this stands out as something completely incomparible. Only thing I dislike is how Holden Caulfield must complain about every single aspect of...anything really. I've grown a liking to...
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    Body, Heart and Soul

    Not too much of a "theory" but it does state what Kingdom Hearts' storyline background upholds. You just stated it in a way that the game really couldn't. Hence, the reason for so many people's confusion of the storyline. Nonetheless, you have achieved to state what many couldn't.
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    the energentic man

    Don't try to disguise your mistake by asking a question all of a sudden. Even we don't know so this thread truly is pointless
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    the energentic man

    What's the point of this thread? o.o
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    New account name; ironic

    As SOME of you know this account name, Limit Break, is new. If you don't know who this is, it's heartless1990 ^-^. I have just attempted to get a new account yesterday because it seems I was quite tired of having numbers in my account name and decided to make a temporary account name. Honestly...