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    Just want to Confirm the secret ending.

    During the secret ending it has all of the foreign on the screen in gold. are those just quotes from the ansem reports? just want to make sure it is nothing i am missing out on. thanks.
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    Which KH2 character would u date or go out with?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, whether i agree with that statement or not does not change the fact that it is really funny. mini boobs...hahaha, you worded that statement very nicely.
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    Which KH2 character would u date or go out with?

    i would say either tifa or rikku if you could make her normal sized. but yeah, advent children tifa kicks.
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    Flash Flash Revolution

    Hey, I have been playing this game for a long time now, and I was wondering if anyone else did. It seems like a lot of people like guitar hero and stuff now, but i think it really isnt that great. and as for hand eye coordination i think flash flash revolution rocks. and also, i like it more...
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    Save the King+, Save the Queen+

    well, donalds save the queen+ is supposed to have the hp hastega instead of hyper healing, and goofys save the king+ is supposed to have mp rage instead of item boost.
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    Save the King+, Save the Queen+

    no it isnt required, check this for info on where to get all your items, it kicks. http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/kingdom_hearts_ii_item.txt
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    Nobuo Uematsu?

    So, maybe it is just me, but I have like 800 different final fantasy songs, and I just can't get enough. One of the main reasons I can't wait for more Final Fantasy games if the soundtracks. They kick ass. Especially if you have played the games, you get to relive them over and over just through...
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    HEY, I just joined yesterday!

    Hey, I joined yesterday, and this is my only forum right now. Lookin to make friends and help people out while getting help as well. PM me if you wanna be friends.
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    Save the King+, Save the Queen+

    thanks guys, i was just wondering becuase i saw them on a weapons faq, and i was surprised they had such better abilities. thanks again.
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    Save the King+, Save the Queen+

    Hey, I was just wondering if anyone knew how to synthesize the + versions of donald and goofys best weapons.