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    Anti-Form: Analysis *VID*

    there are truths to those. Anti-form is not random. well, i'm still at the edge of uncertainty but an experience has lead me to believe that there is a factor that affects it's appearance aswell as pre-appearance. experience: "i was at port royal and i saved at the save point, when i came to...
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    Discuss the XIII Order's Objective

    Phenomenology? yup, my handle is "Blackhatblues" under mr.Decela's class. but i'm not into phenomenology at all. but my professor and i had a deal so... i became more or less into it. going back to KH2... thank you. i appreciate your help. that goes to everyone here as well. guess...
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    Kairi's and Roxas' convo

    Kairi and Namine possess the same "existence".... can't say anymore than that.
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    Storylines of Tarzan in KH2 before the copyright issues problem

    to complete all the characters is quite troublesome i'm guessing. so they will utilize only the essential characters. thank you Xigbar.
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    Storylines of Tarzan in KH2 before the copyright issues problem

    take into consideration that the story of Tarzan was mostly completed in Kingdom Hearts. all the otherworlds had a continuing story to them such as... atlantica: wasn't completed since the whole Ursula-Ariel transaction wasn't made, no prince, etc... agrabah: Aladdin storyline was completed...
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    just a little reminder....

    i would simply like to give light in a popular misconception. when you are a Heartless it doesn't mean you have no heart. a Heartless IS the heart. heart's become heartless. that explains why the defeating of a heartless would release a heart. same applies for a NOBODY. the nobody IS the Body...
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    light can be found even in the deepest of darkness. KH1 had quoted that even in darkness you can always find even a glimmer of light. light can also be found from darkness in people's hearts. which is the same case for Kingdom Hearts, that's why although it was filled with heartless it was still...
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    * Spoilers *Anti and Final Form explanations.

    huh? you agree with me? or death spank? coz you quoted ME...
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    Final Form OBTAINED in Halloween Town *VID*

    final form is obtained only after you experience the fightscene between Sora and Roxas upon arriving at The World That Never Was. it can be accessed anytime and anywhere beyond that point, all that you need is the Valor and and Wisdom forms at level 5 wherein you will notice that you can't...
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    Why do you need an item to lock the keyholes this time?

    oh? and how is that so? please recall to me the three keyholes sealed in Hollow Bastion excluding other dimensions such as 100 Acre wood, and Space Paranoids.
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    * Spoilers *Anti and Final Form explanations.

    it is simply viewed as a "connection" between Sora and Roxas. the fight scene takes place within the subconsciousness of Sora and the fight is not a conflict, but a mere ajoining of two consciousness. do not think of it as a duel, think of it as a meeting of the two. because even though they did...
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    * Spoilers *Anti and Final Form explanations.

    someone mentioned that Sora can become anti-form because he was once a heartless right? same thing goes for Final form but for NOBODY. he was once a nobody too. you can Final Form by getting level 5 on both valor and wisdom. when you get level 5 in both valor and wisdom you will notice that you...
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    * Spoilers *Anti and Final Form explanations.

    this will be the shortest post i have ever done... Anti-form is the drive form that manifests the HEARTLESS. Final form is the drive form that manifests the NOBODIES. black and white... you do the math...
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    Why do you need an item to lock the keyholes this time?

    So is "100 Acre Wood" so my deduction is still far from wrong. the stars are significant because it means that the "barriers are broken", and whenever this happens it means that the Heartless have broken the barriers which means that the worlds are in danger of being taken by the heartless...
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    Discuss the XIII Order's Objective

    interesting.... ...so the pupils of Ansem lost their hearts due to the experiments? what kind of experiment will lead to the loss of a heart? so is it to be whole? or to learn about the heart? from what i've gathered, it would appear that there is a clash between beliefs... THEORY: Ansem and...
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    Does swap magic boot KH2

    i'm sorry for sounding ignorant but may i know what "swap magic boot" is? is it a process? or an apllication? and what does it do?
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    KH2 Best Boss Battle

    Battle with Axel while using Roxas (second time around) for the following reasons: it was the FIRST major boss battle it had a reasonable difficulty level (not too hard not too easy) Reactions looked great Roxas uses two keyblades and the setting was breath-taking (a fiery dome inside a room)
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    Why do you need an item to lock the keyholes this time?

    at the end of Kingdom Hearts, we see all the stars go back in place, which means that the barriers are back and ALL the keyholes are reset. now in Kingdom Hearts two, the barriers break down due to the reapperance of the Heartless. each world is home to only ONE keyhole. as for Hollow Bastion...
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    Discuss the XIII Order's Objective

    Ansem's Report: Ansem points out that NOBODIES are THE bodies that have no HEART and no SOUL. It is very ignorant to claim that "he is nothing" because that statement contradicts itself already, "he is nothing" confirms that person's existence. Nothingness cannot be the answer. Ansem said...
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    Xaldin's Kingdom Hearts II FAQ

    I'm at the last part of the game, i beat sephiroth, i'm level 89, but i can't access other underwolrd colliseum cups besides cerberus, pain and panic, fates, and the pain and panic cup hard mode... how do i access the rest?