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    i'm done

    i'm leaving. if you don't know as much as another member on the fourm they say "lol we already knew that" or crap like that. i'm not leaving forever just until this site gets a little more friendlier. :thumbdown: I'm Done
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    Larxene´s english voice

    tara strong could probably pull it off
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    DKΣ3713 - BBS info

    i hope this event will save us. loads of info on all of the three titles
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    Ask Nomura:358/2 Days Style

    when is the game coming out
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    Ask Nomura:KH:BBS Style

    mine would be, what are you waiting for tell us more!
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    i have never noticed that
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    dance dance revolution

    Who has played or owns any Dance Dnce revolution revolution game? My favorite game of the series is ddr extreme 2 because it has speed over beethoven and butterfly (upswing mix) tell me what's your favorite out of the series and songs that you like
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    bringing back bogus

    i need support bringing back the word bogus. its an old word but im going to try to bring it back. my friends from school are going to help me and i need all the help i can get. does anyone want to help? dont flame
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    help between game systems

    I need some help between an xbox 360 an a psp. i want a psp because of kh birth by sleep and I want a 360 because all of my friends have one. My birthday is next week and my parents are looking for a 360 for me. When I wanted psp I couldn't find it and now that I want a 360 I can't find it and...
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    Will Castle Oblivion be explained in BBS?

    i think it would be explained in 358/2 because of organization 13
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    358/2 Days

    maybe nomura didn't want to give anything away
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    What kind of reviews for BBS?

    im sure x-play is going to give it an unfair score
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    ~\\My awesome BBS THEORY//~

    cool theory in the kh world anything can happen
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    overall game hypothisis for birth by sleep

    dude his name is ven not vena
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    bbs question

    thank you i just forgot if it was confirmed
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    bbs question

    i cant remember if the destiny islands are confirmed in the game so can someone tell me (please no flaming)
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    Two Questions

    my favorite is a tie between xaldin and axel marluxia vs. xemnas=xemnas
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    what kind of character would you be

    if you were a character in kh what would your name be and special abilities be? my name would be everest and i would have black hair and red eyes i would have no weapon and shoot out fire and ice out of my hand
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    did you ever notice

    in kh 1 did you ever notice in hollow bastion the portal to the dark depths are colors of red blue and green the same color of sora donald and goofy's clothes ? i dont know if it has been discussed but please no flaming
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    ~ anyone on this site ever beat sephiroth?

    your a big help just because you beat him at lvl 49 doesn't mean everyone can beat him