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    New funny video

    i am actually crying with laughter, whew that was great
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    light riku vs dark riku

    i think light Riku would win, wait isn't he now a twilight
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    don't put what in KH2?

    but that place you have to use cards it says so in com
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    Sora, Riku and BHK vs. Ansem!?

    it would be cool but i guess we will have to see when it comes out
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    don't put what in KH2?

    ya i also don;'t want to see anymore cards or castle oblivion
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    asas:twilight town theroies

    i agree with you on the deep dive theory, because the glowed eyed unknown and the other one are talking on a beach some place in the video
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    theory X

    I think you might be right but the guy in com has a name starting with a M and he ws really tough to beat
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    new theory everyone!

    i thnk its alittle far fetched but i think that Axel wants to kill sora and so there will be one keyblade master instead of two theNeo could be the light heartless who knows but when the game comes out we will know
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    new keyblades

    but he got the keyblade back because his heart was stronger so isn't he the true keyblade master now
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    Unknown aren't real?????

    if it was all a dream i would start a protest at the square enix corporation lol
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    theory on dusk...

    i think your going alittle to deep my friend maybe there light heartless
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    13th member of the Organization

    i can't even pronounce the name lol but cool one more guy to fight on kh2
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    *Jack Sparrow Confirmed!*

    That sounds cool but why have him on Kh2
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    I have a question

    Tell me what i may be doing wrong i am trying to put a pic on my sig but it won't work
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    Kiaris new look

    i think Kairi looks really good in that new trailer they released WOW
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    Offical RHG thread

    i knew she was kairi