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    random idea

    so i was looking through a whole bunch of scans and information about bbs and the i saw this picture <a href="http://s221.photobucket.com/albums/dd288/Rpgnooukoku/Kingdom%20Hearts/Birth%20by%20Sleep/?action=view&current=be7f2104.jpg" target="_blank"><img...
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    Sora's Memories

    no, everything in his journal waz erased except for thank namine
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    FF characters that should be in BBS

    i'm pretty sure that it is
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    BBS enemies

    actually nobodies are made of both the body and soul, and i think its been confirmed that the new enemies aren't a part of a person
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    Most fun boss to fight?

    i'd have to say fighting xemnas the first time or terra in fm+ even though i always die :P
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    KH 358/2 days idea

    no i think coded is going to talk about when riku and mikckey were in the dark relm inbetween kh1 and CoM reverse rebirth
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    Look at this of BBS

    that is awesome, but now a bunch of idiots are gonna go around saying its real
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    No early BBS worlds shown

    or maybe the leveling system is like the one in COM where u chose if u gain more health or cp because they have said BBS battle system will be similar to COM
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    Deep Jungle Not in Chain of Memories?

    really i always thought sora foced himself to forget deep jungle becuse of only seeing tarzan in a loin cloth :lol: jp
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    Traverse Town

    i've been going through a lot of 358/2 threads and scans lately and nobodys ever really pointed it out but in this scan http://www.khinsider.com/images/NewScans/scan3.jpg a screen shot thats too the left shows traverse town and i just wanted to know if anybody else has noticed it yet
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    worst things

    i'm sorry if this has been done before but, i was just wondering what for u guys could be the worst thing that could come out of the 3 new gems personally i think it would be wrong if it turned up that coded was the most important game of them all and it was only realesed in Japan
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    Ven-Sora Conection

    ok this is just a thought but in the first secret ending we see ven pick up the WtD keyblade, and in the second video its gone, i think tis just symbolism to show connections but in the second video he has his chainless keyblade in his left hand holding it almost backwards well after playing...
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    Wait a sec...

    or he died and mickey thought it was never important to mention the fact to any of the current keyblade wielders the fact that their may be more like them
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    MASTER XEHANORT maybe too powerful?

    that would be sweet but i think mx should die and ds kills terra
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    MASTER XEHANORT maybe too powerful?

    yea, hopefully he'll be like other kh final battles that have many parts and end with his kingdom hearts either be destroyed or not what he expected
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    MASTER XEHANORT maybe too powerful?

    no they should use the mx fight except insted of being in terras "normal" clothes u can fight in the armor alsong side aqua and ven
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    MASTER XEHANORT maybe too powerful?

    ur right he is too Strong! naw i think in bbs they'll make him a heck of a lot easier than in the video
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Start Menu

    very cool, hopefully the real begining of bbs will be sweet
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    pesonally i think its the symbol of a keybearer and the color repersents how strong the bearer is terras is gold vens is silver and aquas could be anything
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    New Symbol

    i have seen it before pesonally i think its the symbol of a keybearer and the color repersents how strong the bearer is terras is gold vens is silver and aquas could be anything