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  1. chocobo-run

    News ► The World Ends With You Pin Badge Collection now at ARTNIA!

    I would totally get this because I'm a huge dork like that. ><
  2. chocobo-run

    Choco did some doodles ><;

    I'm just gonna kinda throw these here. Hope you all enjoy!
  3. chocobo-run

    A question/possible idea about the forum

    Do you guys (the creators of KHInsider) have or ever thought about having an app for the forum? I enjoy this site a lot and the people on it so much that I would love to chat with them on the go. I've tried this site in browser on my phone, but phone craps on me (the problem with that is most...
  4. chocobo-run

    Kingdom Hearts II Manga Volume 9 Cover Art!

    I love how they make Kairi's hair more so pink in the manga than red like in the games. I don't know which I like best I think I'm leaning more toward red.
  5. chocobo-run

    Hello everyone :)

    Hello everyone, My name is DeGale you can call me either DeGale or choco I don't really care which. I'm new here, but I've a long time KH fan. Kingdom Hearts isn't my entire life just a majority of it lol I am also a long time Persona fan. When I'm not obsessing over one of those two game...