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    Possible Kingdom Hearts 3 Delay?

    Kojima Tells Nomura to Remake Final Fantasy VII - gamrConnect "Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima, Square Enix producer/artist Tetsuya Nomura, Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada and Metal Gear art director Yoji Shinkawa had dinner earlier today. What did they talk about? According to Kojima, they...
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    Dreams and Memories

    Everyone has seemed to forgotten the main theme for this game, trust. If you notice in the trailer, when Ansem SOD appears, a faded Xemnas is standing behind him, and when Xemnas, appears, theres a faded Ansem SOD, standing behind him. What could possibly happen is Riku, and Sora, are thrown...
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    Subbed Secret Endings from Heartstation (now working)

    Thanks a lot <3 can't wait to watch
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    Subbed Secret Endings from Heartstation (now working)

    Can someone post both YouTube links for the videos because i'm on my iPhone? please and thank you
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    vens heart going into sora, omg so roxas does have soras heart yay! <33
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    OMG that was so awesome, zach and mickey are cuties <3
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    Bbs article

    4Gamer.net ? ??????????????????????????KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep??1?9??????KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep?
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    Birth by sleep sold over 300,000 pre-orders so far

    Link:VGChartz - Please Take A Moment To Visit Our Sponsor "Next week should be quieter overall despite the release of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep for PSP. Kingdom Hearts has roughly 300,000 preorders and should debut to sales over 450,000 next week."
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    One of Tetsuya Nomura's unannounced games?

    Square Enix Patent Hinting at Unannounced Tetsuya Nomura PSP RPG? | Game Guru Is This One Of Tetsuya Nomura’s Unannounced Games? // Siliconera Enjoy!!
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    Playstation lifestyle article - 2 NEW SCANS!!!

    PlayStation LifeStyle Get Acquainted with Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
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    Terra speculation

    In kingdom hearts 2 and Days in order to let the darkness out and turn into ansem, Riku takes off the blindfold. In bbs, it's possible that Terra fuses with some sort of darkness or dark being and that's when tav starts using the soldier mode. The helmet works like the blindfold and keeps in the...
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    Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days Gameplay Vid

    Just read the description of the video " KH footage on the ds " He isn't playing it he has 1 of those chips where you can play movies, download games and such, and he just played some kh footage on there
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    Weird cutscene in KH1 related to BBS? quick question

    My bad, I interpreted it the wrong way. I had read the question wrong. sorry for the mistake
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    Weird cutscene in KH1 related to BBS? quick question

    Nomura said in one of his interviews that he had the idea of BBS before KH1,
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    Wouldn't this be neat

    For like a future kingdom hearts game, you can create your own character but it will have the same name for the cpu's to say the name, but you can like make the characters face, clothes, height and weight? just gimme your thoughts :D
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    14th member after roxas

    I was reading a topic post about ansem the wise adn the 14th member, and something came to my mind. I think there is a huge possibility that the 14th member could be Aqua. Talking about BBS for now, at the end we see kingdom hearts open and Ven was still alive maybe his spirit got trapped...
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    Awesome video

    http://www.youtube.com/v/fyJ751fbWJU&rel=1 Awesome Video Share your thoughts
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    Sora, Roxas, Ven

    I think, they had planned all along for sora to be the key blade master, which is why Terra was looking at riku and sora on destiny islands playing. [ They referring to VAT ] Thats why in the video which someone cleared up in writing said that Ven said just erase me. I think that Ven was the...
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    Imagine if Aqua's nobody ended up being the XIIII member and the heartless being the DS and Aqua herself :o:o, just another thought :D
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    Just a thought...

    I am starting to think aqua isn't the 14th member just because 358/2 days is coming out before BBS, but tetsuya has done lots of stuff thats surprised us before. It would be alot better and be a lot more surprised if bbs came out before 358/2 days to lead to her being the 14th member, which bbs...