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    anyone here played the demo?

    I aggre with Sealight breeze because I really wanted it last year and I couldn't sleep because I wanted it so bed, but if I would have played it I would never be able to sleep again until I got the game.
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    ff9 in KH2?

    Why would they waste there time in putting Zidane, Quenia, freya, Dagger, Steiner, Vivi or Eiko in an awsome game like KingdomHearts? Final Fantasy 9 was the worst game ever made by squereEnix.
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    Most used move in the game?

    I would have to say Sonic Blade because you can hurt alot of enemies at once.
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    Favorite Organization Member

    I love axel because he looks the coolest!
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    Favourite Boss?

    My favorite boss would hav to be Sephorth since he was the only challenging thing in the game that I worked to beat.
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    Waht level are you? If you have the Ultimate weapon then you can beat him at level 50 maby even levl 40 if you are really good.
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    Nope because I really wanted to get it to. :(
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    Stop The Presses!!!!!

    Good job maby if we are lucky it will be out befor we no it I am dying to play it!
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    What You Think Of Sephiroth!!!

    Thats right Darssj3Goku you tell him!
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    Gummi ships updated

    Where did you find this movie tralor?
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    How often do they restock? I want to buy a ring form one of the shops and they are out of stock.
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    My dog just had puppys and i need some names for them. There are eight of them I have already got two names Chrono and Shaggy can anyone give me some more names?
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    Ending Movie

    Why? I cried because the game was over.
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    delete game??

    What do you mean all you have to do to delete it is start a new game and just save over one of your other files.
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    What part of KH did you enjoy playing the most?

    I liked hunting for all the Damation puppy's some of them were challenging to find.
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    delete game??

    Pretty much the same thing just save over the other filr in the game.
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    Is Jack back?

    Cool where did you see this pic at?
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    You Know You've Played Too Much KH When...

    Wow thats pretty bad when you Walk around your house wearing a combination of the above.
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    big news! release date finaly found!

    Your sig is to damn big and it really sucks.
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    big news! release date finaly found!

    Someone check this out and see if it is true please I have to go.