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    THe Keyblade and Riku

    um, News flash... he has his own Realm Keyblade, which is Way to Dawn. And I agree with Yttrxium. you must have never bothered playing KH2 or haven't played it in a LONG TIME <.<
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    BBS Travel

    I was thinking that Terra's mode of transportation would be using his keyblade in that bike form (a seen in the LS battle) although we aren't sure if Terra will be able to do such things in BBS like modify and transform his keyblade, it isn't impossible to think it. we need to keep our views...
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    Where's the Armor

    ... NEVER again. Anyway Terra retains the armor on his left shoulder and arm. I think over time you get more armor.
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    Birth By Sleep - Meaning of Title

    My idea is that MX and DS will use Vens heart (which like Sora's is pure) to activate other hearts thhey gathered (like Org. XIII) to give birth to a new KH. Just spitballing here people.
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    BBS: Hearts, Enemies, and Ven And scans translated

    I live to see this picture! LOL but my peice of shit comp can't use photobucket (my Itouch is just for net browsing) so I cannot do it. Ive let you down
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    BBS: Hearts, Enemies, and Ven And scans translated

    Like, Totally!!! and it would be like giving Tom Cruise spiky hair and a big Key and calling him Sora!!! like, Chaaaaa. get the picture?? /sarcasm that actually was more fun then it should have been... creepy
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    BBS: Hearts, Enemies, and Ven And scans translated

    it did the same for me when I first read them too
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    BBS: Hearts, Enemies, and Ven And scans translated

    good point. I went overboard.
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    BBS: Hearts, Enemies, and Ven And scans translated

    He is right. good translations though! maybe you could help our staff out with your translation skills! EDIT: Wait... bittermeat did that? Now that's pretty low, taking credit for poor bittermeat's work!! shame on you!!!
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    Fanfiction ► the Keyblade: Darkness Rising

    yeah? where is he? please tell me he makes an appearence
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    Roxas' comment during the Battle

    the reason that he can use the KK and O&O is because he is the Nobody of a Keyblade Weilder. that is the only reason that he can use them. If it was anybody else he would have become a Dusk. The reason he uses O&O is because they represent Sora's memories of Kairi (Oathkeeper) and Riku...
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    Roxas' comment during the Battle

    He is correct. And I have to say that the fact that people ignored his post and continued to spam up this thread with your pathetic shells of Ideas is intolerable. Here is your answer: IT WAS A MIS-TRANSLATION!! IT HAS BEEN PROVEN!
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    MX is Left-handed

    I was watching the FM+ secret ending to check somthing in response to another thread, and then somthing caught my eye: MX weilds his bad-ass keyblade with his LEFT hand. Now there is only one other person we know of that does that: Ven. is there a connection? What do you think? This might be...
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    Anyone else notice the mistake in KH2

    hmmmm... This is suprising. You would think beta testers would have noticed this. Oh well. Nothing is perfect.
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    way to the dawn

    That is exactly what happened. SE itself was a weapon that reacted to its weilders's heart, just like a Keyblade. So, once Riku accepted his identity after fighting sora, it reacted to that feeling and transformed into its current form. Trust me, I have always been interested in Riku's...
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    ven's broken keyblade

    1. Let me remind you that the idea of VAT weilding artifical keyblades is yet another theory. It has not been offically announced or reported. 2. If the Keyblade you are referring to is Riku's blade in KH1 than you are mistaken. It never breaks at all. Sora releases Kairi's heart which...
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    kH bbs secret trailer

    ... why would they show a trailer of a game that would already be out by the time KH3 was made (if there ever is one) that doesn't make sense.
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    Terra's Keyblade

    1. that movie with KK and the others was a CONCEPT MOVIE. the keyblades and everything were just symbolic. 2. the idea of creating a keychain to transmit a keyblades power to a different form doesn't sound right. that would mean that in BBS Terra's blade would have been able to unlock and lock...
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    Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days Gameplay Vid

    the Y button serves as the Triangle button in that version of the hack. I've seen this vid before.
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    Does Ven die?

    BBS takes place 10 YEARS AGO. how could Sora come and save Ven?? He is 4 during BBS! jeez, read the BBS page or know what you are talking about before you post. now, I belive that Ven doesn't die, because MX needs him for his plans. that would explain why MX just froze him instead of killing...