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    Fanfiction ► Tips on skill building: Giving your story emotional weight

    why do i get the impression that this flamer thinks he/she knows all there is to writing? sheesh. talk about conceited.
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    Love Story

    haha, i TOTALLY agree! but hey, it's disney...the only kissing scene was during the credits between Ariel and Eric, and almost only with mulan and shang. but during the credits, it showed sora going back to the secret place and seeing the paopu drawing. that was SO SWEET i almost cried, lol...
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    Just Wondering.

    it'd be sweet if it were.
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    Doesn't Aerith's voice suck in KH2

    yea, her voice was too monotone. and cid's voice was kinda stupid too.
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    Kh2 trailer

    wow never heard that version of SaC before O.O
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    If you're not into spoliers, than maybe you shouldn't listen to Sancutary.

    that's what they said about 'passion', but the last stanza of that didn't really make sense to KH2 whatsoever...i think...
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    Pronouncing Namine

    yea, that's how i thought it was pronounced too. jesse mccartney pronounces 'roxas' differently from what i thought too.
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    Is Kairi a little too different?

    i actually really like the way the way the characters look in KH2. a lot better than they looked in KH, anyway, they looked like they were 5 years old!
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    it sounds so different for some reason...maybe i'm just too used to the japanese version.
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    passion sheet music

    Here's a good website if you want FF and KH sheet music and midi files: http://ichigos.com/
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    KH2 rated T

    yeah, i agree that it looks a lot more mature. i was hoping it'd be rated T, makes it seem a lot more interesting.
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    Shouldn't the English Passion be out now...

    no thanks...i already looked up the lyrics but it'd be a lot easier just to understand it straight away.
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    Shouldn't the English Passion be out now...

    i can't wait until it comes out ^^ then when i listen to it, i'll at least be able to understand what Hikki is singing XD
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    Does Passion tie in with KH2?

    i kinda can't sorry, seeing as i haven't even played the game yet.
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    Does Passion tie in with KH2?

    i don't know if this has been discussed already, but i remember nomura saying that the lyrics to 'Passion' ties in a lot closer to the storyline of KH2...does it really? (for those who've already played) NO SPOILERS, PLEASE!
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    funny KH2 video

    Omg That Was Hilarious! XD i loved the "Sora, get smaller shoes" and the "Hello...i appear to be falling..." lmao!
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    If you love Utada and you love passion I found a nice vid

    heh, well that's just me XD
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    If you love Utada and you love passion I found a nice vid

    i thought she sounded a bit strange in the live one, no offense =/ but i like the single/after the battle versions better.
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    I have too many spoilers in my head!

    i tried to stay away from it, but it's those idiots out there who always spoil something without posting a warning. at least i haven't seen the ending movie yet (though some idiots post pictures from it ALL the time).
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    things you should do

    i have to live off fanfiction and fanart, plus going to forums and websites like these. i'm torn between waiting until PS3 comes out and then buy KH2 or get a PS2 now (yea i don't have one, how sad!!) but i ALSO want to play it!! -sigh- life is so hard... XD