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    what if yuna were in KH2?!

    Maybe you'll see Tidus older along with Yuna cause you see Auron which doesn't look younger. That would be cool if both Tidus and Yuna were there.
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    Is it true

    I heard a rumor that disney is sueing square enix and that they would only release kh2 in japan. Is it true? I need major help
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    riku in kh2

    I think the reason riku wears the blindfold is he uses the darkness which appears outside but his heart is light. The blindfold keeps the light in because the light is so powerful, it hurts his dark powers. It's just a theory
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    ok very very confused about this please help

    If its kairi's heart going into sora then where's her body?
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    Big Hong Key?

    What does it look like?
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    Possible Gameplay!

    I know every single one of those things and more. It's just a thought to keep in mind. and...I apoligize for all those things and to everyone whose reading these things now.
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    Possible Gameplay!

    Hey Monkeya$$ first of all your name stinks like a monkey, its not like a reverse/rebirth setup, and you couldn't think of a therory. That's why your blowing off on mines. (Sorry for using this thread as a argument but this person deserves it) back to business If you go check on other sites...
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    Possible Gameplay!

    Remember This. If you are replying don't be hating against others. These are just opinions. No need to get people pissed off.(that means you monkeya$$)
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    Possible Gameplay!

    Hey Monkeya$$ it's just based on facts of it being two discs and twice as long. Don't hate because I thought of it and you didn't
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    Possible Gameplay!

    After getting some info I just thought of something. What if you could play 2 different story modes? The first time through you play as Sora but pieces would be missing. Like stuff happening that couldn't be explained in Sora's story. Then the second time would be the BHK. It would fill in all...