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    Stupid KH2 questions

    This is an interestin forum. I got one. why can't I hit the two things that follow me every where? all they do is follow me. I WANT TO HURT THEM!!!!!!!!!!
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    Kairi in KH2 is freakin hawt!

    I agree with what sorarules13 says. Most of the time when people say I think that VG character is hot they mean that that person looks good physically. It dosn't mean that they are sexually atracted to that VG character. To those who are sexually atracted to a VG character your sick and need help.
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    Kairi in KH2 is freakin hawt!

    Kairi is hot, but my g-friend is even hotter. Due to the fact we went to an anime convetion together and I was Sora and she was Kairi.(both from KH2) That was fun.
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    Has any one seen Tekkaman, Tekkaman Blade, or the Tekkaman movies?
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    KH FF Fighter

    What would you think if they made a Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy fighting game? What characters would you want to be in there? I would like to see Zidane,Squall,Cloud,Sephiroth,Yuffie,Vincent,Zell,Setzer,Locke,Vivi,Tidus,Auron,Tifa,Reno,Rude,Shadow,Cid(Highwind),Laguna,Armarant...
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    when did you get final form

    I got Final when I got into the castle in The World That Never Was. I mean right as I got in there. I saw a nobodie and turned into valor. Then BAM!!! Final Form.
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    Post your hardest boss battle, funniest, saddest, and most tense moment of KH2.

    hardest: Sephy on Proud mode Funniest: watching Donald kick Yao's ass in Land of Dragons level Saddest: When Axel died tense: Waiting for the credits to go by to see the secret ending
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    Advent Children/Kingdom Hearts 2

    Name: Xero Weapon: Kasiri-Gama along with two katanas G-friend: Yuffie Alignment: Good KH Friend: Riku Fight: I would fight any type of monster. If there were no monsters around I would go hunt some.
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    2nd paradox cup

    i feel your pain same thing is going on for me.
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    Favorite Organization Member

    i like Axel. He Kicks so much ass. I also like Xaldin. I thinks a person using six naganats is fricken awsome.
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    Be honest..

    I personally think that Cloud would win.