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    Austrailian (dunno how to spell it) Sora

    i guess it has i had'nt seen him lately
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    Where wre you when you first drove into Anti Form

    i got mine in the mulan world too
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    Fanfiction ► Organization Story (Musical)

    hmmm......yep the exact opposite of me^ hey riku. very funny i hope you make more
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    Make your own Kingdom Hearts 2 Quote!

    "Both darkness and light can blind you"
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    Fanfiction ► the organization wars

    your right. most people have given up on the writer. we should not let this fanfic die out that easy. keep posting people
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    Fanfiction ► the organization wars

    yeah we should have hope and wait
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    Making KH2 Cutscenes funny

    lol well they are really funny. but i don't think i can make my own funny cutscene
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    Fanfiction ► the organization wars

    HA! funny...anyway. you could make a movie with these ideals. called... The Ying Yang Projec.....eww...probalay with a better title=D
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    Fanfiction ► { Rebels&Ravens }

    so it might be done in the summer??! i hope it gets done BEfore summer=/
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    Fanfiction ► { Rebels&Ravens }

    hmmm.... we just have to be patient=p
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    Fanfiction ► { Rebels&Ravens }

    i re-read everything. that's how much i like the story. welcome to the story zezima=D
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    Fanfiction ► { Rebels&Ravens }

    lol i get hype too.=p you'll make a good friend to sorarules13 he gets hype off of sugar. welcome again!!! shady-dvs-hoody-child are you done with the next chapter?? XD
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    Fanfiction ► { Rebels&Ravens }

    pretty madonna^ lol i'll be waiting
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    Fanfiction ► { Rebels&Ravens }

    but some stories do all be the same. sora returns, kairi's happy. kairi ask sora to be her girlfriend sora says yes. than riku comes along.... THERE ALL THE SAME =/ by the way when's the next chapter?
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    Fanfiction ► kingdom hearts 3

    great story and theroy about kh3. more chapters=D