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    So, about Mickey's letter...

    No way! Really? If the letter revealed too much it wouldn't leave us anything to wonder about. Maybe Nomura doesn't even have the story written down yet. I'm thinking that Sora will find Aqua purely by chance, probably during some kind of show down with an enemy from the next games.
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    Help/Support ► How can I get taller?

    Drink milk. A lot of milk. Or maybe genetics is just against you. You might just end up being short or average height. In that case, start lifting weights now and go out for wrestling. Shorter guys kill in wrestling cause they have more muscle than the taller guys in their weight class.
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    did you notice Xion's magic?

    With me, she used a lot of fire magic.
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    Spoilers, What do you think of the?

    The concept sounds cool, but the design itself is a little over the top. It looks too unwieldy.
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    BbS NA release date = 1 June 2010?

    Re: Possible BBS NA Release Date You pretty much head the nail on the head there. Anyways, I've lost some of my hype for BBS, so I'm comfortable waiting a few months. Hopefully it'll be out in June or July. If August is the absolute latest, then that's not too bad.
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    Am I the only one that though the the first had a terrible storyline?

    "Terrible" sounds a little over the top to me. I do like the second game better, but I think both have good story lines. The first KH didn't have the mysteries that the second game had, but the second really lacked the emotional aspect the first game had. I still find it very sweet how Sora...
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    How does BBS rank with the other Kingdom Hearts games

    Never played BBS, but I've seen a lot of vids of it and I think it'll be my favorite. So my order would be 1. BBS 2. Days 3. KH2 4. KH1 5. CoM
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    CHECK this out if you wanna see some bbs battle commands translations!

    I'm looking forward to Last Arcanum and those spells like Cracker Firaga and Ice Barrage.
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    BBS Theatre Mode?

    Yes, there's a theatre mode.
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    Where do you stand?

    Love the org and love Xion. This may have been a "useless" game, but it was my favorite. I liked the fact that it was involving the day to day life of the Organization. It didn't really NEED a deep plot, it just filled in the gap from CoM to KH2. And what's more is that we get to see the...
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    Something I never understood

    Vexen was not a traitor, even the secret reports say so. Zexion and Lexaeus (Don't quote me on this, cause I haven't played in a a while) weren't traitors either, but they couldn't just abandon CO because of everything it held that the Org. needed.
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    NA release date?

    I'm praying that BBS has a late March release date for NA, but that seems pretty unlikely. My guess is that it will be late April to mid May and no later than June. Assuming that the voice acting is already done (Not sure if it is though, because I've seen people say yes and no) they shouldn't...
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    Fav Battle/Boss?

    Re: Best Battle(other)-Kh1 Rock Titan and Ice Titan are also Disney bosses, but whatever. I pick Sephiroth because he's a hard son of a bitch.
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    It's been said before, but I'll say it again; Saix wanted his heart back, but he went about getting it back in cruel, selfish ways. Maybe he did want more power, and wanted to control the Organization, but it seems like he wanted his heart back more than power. Maybe he really wanted to feel and...
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    small question

    I don't think it matters that much. But the names aren't really that in a feminine way. And it's not like Nomura had many options with their names, since each only had three letters.
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    vanitas' face

    OH MAN. I totally called that lol. I said that Vanitas would look like Sora back in November or December. Anyways, now I'm disappointed that I spoiled myself >.>
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    who is

    It would cost a lot to import it from Japan or something when it first comes out. I'd rather wait three or four months for the english version anyway.
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    Lea & Isa

    Darkness does erode the heart. But that statement doesn't mean that darkness would change one's eyes to yellow and tan their skin. Yellow eyes and tan skin is a symbol for the prescence of a lot darkness within a person's heart. Which is why Ansem SoD had tan skin and yellow eyes. Xemnas also...
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    Nobody Age Factor

    So what about Zexion? He looks to be no older than 8 or 9 in BBS, but in Re:CoM and Days he looks to be around 20. How would Nomura manage to explain his appearance if Nobodies don't age? I think it was Xigbar who said that Xehanort began experimenting on the darkness of the heart a year after...
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    Names & somethin thats been buggin me

    Xehanort is an Ansem the Wise fanboy.