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    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Sora and Riku to See Clothing Changes

    From what I understood of the article was that we get start out in their KH2 outfit will be able to switch back to it at some point in the game. I doubt Sora and Riku will be getting new clothes at least not until the ending anyway. Whatever the case so long we get to play as KH2 Sora and Riku I...
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    We aren't getting 3D soon!

    It will be released next year or 2013 unless you want a half-ass game. KH3D was just started last year and they are still coming up with ideas. BbS2 has a decent chance of being release this year if they are re-using the BbS engine. Even then the Osaka team is working on KH3D so who knows who is...
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    Sora and Riku in KH1 form

    I certainly hope that Sora and Riku grows into their KH2 selves within the game because I am tired of playing as KH1 Sora. I would much rather play as KH2 Sora in a new adventure not my KH2FM copy. It doesn't help that HJO is getting older. He's already 22 years old and it's incredibly hard to...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D's story "on par with main titles, will have shocking ending"

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 3D's story on par with main titles and will have a shocking ending. That would be the dumbest move they can make. Riku should be past all that crap. If he regressed back to his KH1 self it would just ruin all the development he had from CoM to KH2. Anyway I really do think...
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    Anyone else think Sora pales in comparison to TAV?

    I like Sora but he just lacks character development. CoM Sora is still his best incarnation since he did have some development and growth. KH1 and KH2 Sora lack that. Although I do like KH2 Sora since he is cocky and a bit of a jerk. He shouldn't be nice all the time. However, TAV, Riku, Roxas...
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    Backwards keyblade?

    Don't look too deep into it. It's a tech demo.
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    KH3DS Plot

    Don't take the KH3DS tech demo seriously outside of being able to play as Sora and Riku. They could be in their KH1 gear just to show off the 3DS graphics but will be in their KH2 form in the actual game for all we know. The fact we go to different worlds also disproves your theory TC unless...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D E3 Trailer

    Well I just see it as a tech demo to show off KH on the 3DS. It will likely be the sequel to KH2 and Re:Coded furthering the plot.
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    those who are in torment (i know too many threads, just hear me out)

    Xion can be freed of her torment by being remembered. Axel can return as Lea and somehow remembers Xion and possibly form a real friendship with Ven. Roxas just needs to remember Xion but I get the feeling he will return through Ven especially since memories can come from the heart in this game...
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    Ventus came from Twilight Town

    Well of the original worlds Twilight Town is more likely to be his birth place than Destiny Island or Radiant Garden. Although it's also possible Ven was born in the LoD.
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    Xemnas. Why didn't he?...

    I personally think Nomura is just pulling stuff out of his ass. I see no reason for Xemnas not to use the keyblade against Sora and Riku. If he wanted to be "god" of all worlds and turn everything into nothingness then obviously he would want to use his full power to eliminate any threats to his...
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    Too much KH2 hate?

    Final Mix pretty much fix most of my main beef with KH2. Other than that it's the best KH game at least before BbS came out IMO. I felt that it was a huge improvement over KH1. KH1 wasn't really all that special in hindsight. The story didn't even start to get really good until HB. All it had...
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    Riku/vanitas connection theroy

    According to Coded, Ansem SoD pretty much "trained" Riku prior to the destruction of Destiny Island and gave him dark power beforehand.
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    Ven's bracelet

    Umm the last time I check both Roxas and Ven are wearing a wristband.
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    Xehanort's Heart

    Nomura also said that Terra has some influence on Xemnas so technically your wish did happen. Xemnas got bits and pieces of MX and Terra's memories.
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    20 KH Mysteries Solved! Sort of.

    There's not much to tell of Riku in the RoD. He just showed up and met Mickey. Then he ends up in CO.
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    Riku and Master Xehanort?

    They both wanted to get off the island to see other worlds. Not to mention they will have a future connection (KH1 and CoM).
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    Are they going to tell us more about Apprentice Xehanort in the future?

    They don't need a whole game for it, but a good lengthy flashback could always help for whatever the next main KH game ends up being called.
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    Will Vanitas Return?

    I hope so because he's the best Sora clone. I even like him better than Roxas. I think it would be cool if Vanitas is a part of Sora and take over at times to raise hell which frames Sora. Having Sora deal with his "darker" side would give him the much needed character development he's been lacking.
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    Dark Realm and kid apprentice

    The RoD is where time goes slower hence why Aqua look the same age as she does in BbS instead of looking like she's in her late 20s.