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  1. J

    Fanfiction ► How to get people to read your fic...

    One common thing: Learn to spell properly.
  2. J

    Fanfiction ► Kai and Geddy: Freelance Police!!

    Why not just do a Sam & Max crossover into KH world. Might be more interesting.
  3. J

    Fanfiction ► Kai and Geddy: Freelance Police!!

    Sam & Max: Freelance Police. For the fridge part, that's from the very first episode "The Thing That Wouldn't Stop It" of the television series. There's Half-life in there and some other crap. Eh.
  4. J

    Were you.......

    Commands were somewhat of a joke really, was expecting reaction time not just one button for reactions all the time. The plot seemed empty compared to KH and not to mention not enough character building and focus.
  5. J

    Help/Support ► I want a new tatoo..

    create a tattoo yourself, and definitely do not get his name on your skin.
  6. J

    Help/Support ► here we go again

    These are a few of the upper body strength exercises that should help you: Flat Bench Press Push Up Lat Pulldown Bicep Curl Hammer Curls Tricep Pulldown Tricep Extension Flat Dumbbell Fly Lateral Dumbbell Raise One Arm Dumbbell Row Overhead Press Though go to your local gym or a fitness coach...
  7. J

    Fanfiction ► Froad's Crap poems

    Well keep it up with the poetry Froad, find whatever suits your writing and thinking.
  8. J

    Help/Support ► here we go again

    Depends on what you're looking to shed or burn off. Not to mention whether you're looking for cardo/muscle endurance or body strength or toning.
  9. J

    Fanfiction ► Froad's Crap poems

    I can see slight meanings though try practising writing poems that people might have an easy time understanding with different tones/themes.
  10. J

    Fanfiction ► Fan Fiction Suggestions Thread

    Well you could try fiddling about with the names and what not and see what kind of name combinations you can come up with. If you need help with creating a villain I can help you with that if you want, just pm me for some ideas and tips and questions on it. Any help just pm.
  11. J

    Help/Support ► what should i get him for x-mas?

    You could always try sex. Rock his world if you must.
  12. J

    Help/Support ► Another Problem

    First things first Destiny's End. Are you Asian? Because if so, it's self-explanatory. If not, either grow so gonads and tell her what you think about everything or shrivel into a ball and cower for the rest of your life. And if she doesn't like it, tell her she'll have to change or adapt to...
  13. J

    Fanfiction ► Dreams

    Well here is Chapter 2 to anyone who is still reading this. Chapter 2: Draumr Another day at school he thought to himself, just another tedious day to end the middle of the week. He stood there quietly; waiting for the bus he normally caught everyday in the afternoon after school was finished...
  14. J

    Fanfiction ► Dreams

    Thanks for that. Here is Chapter 1. Have fun. Chapter 1: Requies Aeternus Evil hid itself in the abyss of the darkness. The illuminating stars shot gracefully from the moonlight sky towards the eternal bottom of the night. The silhouette leaves of autumn rose blissfully through the endless...
  15. J

    Fanfiction ► Star of Providence

    This just reminds me too much a video game especially along the lines of Shin Megami Tensai, Persona and Digital Devil Saga though it's your own work but it looks somewhat promising at the moment maybe.
  16. J

    Help/Support ► Guys

    I want to think that through first. :toungesmile:
  17. J

    Help/Support ► Guys

    Homer: "A woman is like a beer. They smell good, they look good, you'd step over your own mother just to get one! But you can't stop at one. You wanna drink another woman!" Well some signs to look for is how friendly is he with your friends especially any good looking/hot sort of friends you...
  18. J

    Help/Support ► what should i get him for x-mas?

    Get him a mathematics textbook, should keep him occupied till next Christmas.