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    Please Help : )

    Hey guys, Alright, so there's this band called Secret Dakota Ring and I am currently involved in a contest for them. Their first album "Don't Leave Baggage All the Way" has been sold out of hard copies. But the main guy from Secret Dakota Ring, Andy Ross from OK Go, found 3 copies in his car...
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    Secret Ending?

    Ur totally not alone. I'm doin it too :) I can easily get the video off the computer but I'm waiting until I earn it. But it's taking a while :( but it'll be worth it
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    Is It Just Me ??

    Yeah, I think it was waaayy too short too, but I like having a lot of cutscenes, but I guess that's just me
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    What Should've Been in KH2

    1. Basically what everyone else is saying (longer, better story) 2. A little more emotion with Kairi and Sora 3. Kairi and Sora kiss (come on you know you guys all want it to happen) 4. I would've liked more FMVs like they do in FF games
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    was KH2 worth it?

    I loved the game! I was a little dissapointed in the ending though. I guess I was expecting a lot more than it gave me :(
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    Who hates the KH2 Commercial?

    I don't like the Disney 411 commercial!!! Because it spoils it!! It shows a certain person in the game when they're with Sora! Even though I already got to that part in the game, it kinda ticked me off
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    Hey, I have a question. Sorry if I sound dumb or lazy or something, but can someone tell me how to get thundaga? Cuz I still need thundaga to go further in Atlantica, and I don't want to search everywhere to get it. Sorry again, I know I sound really lazy but I really want to beat Atlantica...
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    Some of Axels favorite lines.

    I loved when he said that line, about his heart wouldn't be in it, cuz he doesn't have one. It was funny to me, but kinda sad. And I also love Got it memorized?
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    How do you beat...

    Thanks :) And also, does anyone know how you can load other saved games while you're still playing the game without restarting the playstation or dying? Like in Kingdom Hearts 1, you could hold down L1, L2, R1, R2, start, and select at the same time and it would take you to the main menu. Well I...
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    How do you beat...

    How do you beet the one Organization member at The World That Never Was. The one that showed up first at Pirates of the Caribbean World. I'm really sorry, but I just can't remember his name, but I hope I gave a good enough description, cuz I just cannot seem to beat him. Please help
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    T for Teen (no spoilers)

    hmmm, well even if it was rated teen, it wouldn't really matter to me cuz i'm 15, 16 next month
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    80+ Hours???

    darn, that really sucks, I wanted it to be like really long, I mean I think we've waited long enough. I really hope they do make it better before we get it here.
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    I hear KH2 isn't coming out till Winter for the USA

    I went to google and typed in Kingdom Hearts 2, and at the top you can pre-order kingdom hearts 2 at target's site. And it says that it should be coming December 2nd.
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    Destiny Islands - what role will it play?

    The door in the Secret Place is the Keyhole, Sora has a flashback and it shows Riku turning around and seeing the keyhole in the middle of the door. I think that Destiny Islands will be a bigger part in KH2, and I agree, I think that Sora will go back to seal the keyhole there at least. But I...
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    a thought about kh2!

    eh, don't think it would ever happen, but good imagination