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    SoulEater/Way to Dawn

    i just thought it was a cool darkness weapon ...... darkness pwns all :thumbup:!!!!!!!!!
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    Ultimate Keyblade: Help Needed!

    the only thing i can say is 2 get everything. i never had a problem makin ultima.....mck
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    Ultimate Keyblade: Help Needed!

    u need a energy crystal ...... dn't kw if that helps. is all u need the ori.+'s?
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    Have any of you beaten KH2 without the strategy guide?

    like takin a piece of cake 4rm a baby ...... no i didn't use a strategy guide
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    Hades Paradox Battle

    i dn't think u have have 2 b at lv 99 ..... bt i helps
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    Attempt number two: thoughts on levels in KH2

    :lol: that funny. u kw when you said that i thought bout that part in the movie shrek :toungesmile:.
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    ownership of kh1 fm

    u kw it seems like a lot of people own kh2 fm (it has it own section) but what about kh1 fm? how many ppl in the forums actually has it :confused: ?
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    mayb 6 or more times and personaly i like anti form. its fast, hits almost everything, difficult to deflect, and deflect enemies attacks almost everytime. if only u can do reactions and it didn't hurt so much ....... darkness pwns all :thumbup:!!!!
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    Easy level-ups

    for valor, wisdom, and master forms i went to timeless river (before the drives runs go to the door to disney castle to refill it). and 4 final yen sids tower (go 2 world map to refill drive)
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    Stupid Riku Help

    just have a few zero cards in the deck and you'll be fine
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    which sephiroth do u think is tougher kh1 or kh2?
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    quick question

    yo ultimamck here. you kw in the room where sora gets his new treads in yen sid's tower. well in the room are some mirrors(?) that are foreboding to sora's forms. i was just wonderin what it says about limit form.
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    level designs

    how many of you liked the level designs of kh1 over kh2. personaly i liked kh1's levels better.
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    bleach 63

    hey u guys (ladies also) kw where i can watch bleach 63. cause i'd really appreciate it.
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    where to download khfm deep dive trailer to computer

    jus like the title say im looking for some where to download deep dive. i've tried a few places bt 4 some reason all i get is audio and no video. :sad:
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    limit form counter

    hey i been here a while and dis is really my first tread/post :thumbup: . i jus wanted two kw wat limit forms counter is.