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    The "I am Psychic" Game

    Im back with a new post game! Basicly you just post a answer, and the next postes a funny question to go with it, like... A. My god I'm so happy I may have a stroke! Q. I just bought you KH2! Get it? I'll go first. A. No. Just no.
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    BHK name.

    I think you're -500,000,0000% right (notice the negative sign) I think it would be cool if his name's Aros, its a cool name, but if the backwards name were true then Diz would be Mesna, and Namine' would be Iriak.
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    Just Dual-Wielding? Or Something More?

    Well I dunno, maybe C4strife may make one for you, its just I LOVE my sig, maybe he can make a BFU version of it
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    Something I noticed in Deep Dive.......

    Ya, maybe its just like this: BFU: I hate my life, Ill kill myself! *Jumps off DeepDive Building DWU: Hey! Atleast give me back Oblivion! BFU: *Faceslams into ground* Inside Rikus darkness.... Ansem: OW! What the heck is he doing?
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    Twilight Mode

    VERY, VERY GOOD THEORY! DiZ could very well want to become THE Ansem, and if he could take the darkness from Riku, he may be powerful enough the defeat the original, I doubt Riku would mind, he'd be free from the darkness, perhaps this could be related to the reason Riku has a org robe, but...
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    Just Dual-Wielding? Or Something More?

    But they weren't Drived together, Kairi hid her heart in Kairi, its still a great theory
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    most used keyblade in kh

    I never got the chance to use the Ultima Weapon, but Oblivion was second
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    i have a theory about this pic of Sora

    I believe that there may be two sides of KH2, BHK & Sora
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    What the...this doesn't make sense

    Its a like a test-game that people play to test, see if theres bugs, on the KH Beta, I hear that you can go to Disney Castle!
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    Who are you most like?

    BHK, Blonde Hair, Im a Kid, He looks almost sickingly like me, and I despise Axel.
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    Name A Coolest Moment In KH1

    Mine was when at the end when Riku sacrificed his freedom and got trapped on the other side of KH, my fav. KH character, sacrificing everything cept his life
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    Tales of Symphonia Talking Place/FAQ

    Talk about my favorite Video Game, Tales of Symphonia, about characters, about places, Ill help you out at getting the game done, or other stuff you might ask me, this is a place to talk about TOS but also a FAQ.
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    Light, Dark or Twilight?

    Witch side are you on? Choose. Light=Sora's Friends Dark=The Organization Twilight=Live in Twilight Town with BHK & Namine'
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    How to do this

    I've accidently chose the wrong job, can I leave?Also how to I leave the forums, delete a profile, I accidently made a second one.
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    I'm new and would like to say hello to all!