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    Help/Support ► How to leave a forum

    I've run onto a bumpy road with one forum in particular, but I still keep catching myself returning to the website and logging back in constantly, what are some good methods of leaving a forum and never returning?
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    How Excited Are you Right now for 358/2 days

    I'm starting to despise everything that Square-Enix puts out nowadays, and how everyone considers every Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts game a masterpiece. Just because of how over hyped these Kingdom Hearts games are, they make me not want the game. I can't come to understand how there are...
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    Who did you have the most fun fighting?

    I had the most fun fighting against Yuffie and Leon in the Tournaments, especially when I'm LVL 99 and without Donald and Goofy.
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    Which boss do you think is the most annoying

    I found all of the bosses annoying in this game especially, the card system just wasn't for me.
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    I am returning somewhat, even though I've been getting owned much lately. Stay tuned for some rather unusual topics coming from me in the future. Until then, I'll be browsing the forums briefly, and taking it easy.
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    Openly Addressing the Closure of My Recent Thread

    Hello, I made a thread pertaining to as to why I am starting to dislike Video Games. This is out of a sign of respect, why was it closed? As from what seem like a heavily immature insult, I see it as something I cannot prevent from happening. Victor closed my thread, why did you close it...
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    Dissidia: Square Enix (Video Game Box Art) (PS3)

    Here is a Box Art I created at vgboxart.com, of Square Enix- Dissidia, a game that features characters from Square-Enix and not just Final Fantasy. It took me about two days to make, what you guys think?
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    Re: CoM live stream NOW!

    Re: CoM live stream NOW! I'm getting tired of all of the hype over this game.
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    358/2 Days New Clips and Pics

    Explain why.
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    Gamestop Online

    I hate ordering Video Games online from Video Game stores' online websites, I'd rather just go there and get it myself, because it becomes a chore to sit at the computer and refresh the shipping status all day.
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    Coded Japan only??

    I can't understand why they just can't port it over to the PSP.
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    358/2 Days New Clips and Pics

    Square-Enix tries to make everything look so sophisticated.
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    Getting Owned by Data Battles

    What is a good way to gain Str, Def, and Magic increasing items after you've scoured every dungeon and collected all of the ones that were available in treasure boxes?
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    Getting Owned by Data Battles

    I need some help on how to survive longer than 1 minute during these Data Battles. I'm playing on Standard Mode. I'm on Lvl 92, with 60 Str and 61 Def. What stats and equipment do I need to be able to easily kill Organization members?
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    The Complexity of These Theories

    Do you think that our appreciation for Kingdom Hearts and the desire for future Kingdom Hearts titles tends to make us generate recondite theories that are even far more complex than what Tetsuya could congregate? Think about it, what if all of the best theories from the website are nowhere...
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    Kingdom Hearts Game (Taking Place After KHII Ending)

    Hello. I was thinking, since Sora and his friends defeated Organization 13, meaning, killed all 13 members, who would be left to wreak havoc in the future? Did they or did they not defeat Organization 13?
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    Help/Support ► Forum Disputes

    If I am arguing with another and the other person is clearly correct, do I admit defeat, or do I never respond? I mean, if you were completely owned, and you know it. It's like a needle in my side that refuses to come out, when in a forum, I get owned and I know it, and there's nothing I can...
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    Help/Support ► Forum Disputes

    Hello I've had my fair share of lessons on forums, learning that you can't bash a person without backing up your statement. What do you people do when you post and someone quotes that post and makes a disrespectful comment to it? For example: You: I think Tekken is actually one of the best...
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    GTA - Helps Save Lives

    Here's an unusual story, GTA is actually being portrayed in a positive light for helping to save the life of a family. An 11 year old girl knew from playing GTA the dangers of a potential vehicle rollover. With a bit of quick-thinking, she helped pull out her family members to safety and her Mom...
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    Does anyone want the most popular PSP exclusives to actually be ported to a console? Such as: Crisis Core and Dissidia Birth By Sleep, Chains of Olympus Do you think that these games could actually be better games on a console?