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    If Scar become a heartless, what happened to his nobody??

    only strong hearts get a nobody, only the strongest hearts get a human form nobody. :]
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    Clear illustrations of aqua and an unbirth

    http://i37.tinypic.com/2ik5hug.jpg there are also some dissidia and ffxiii drawing. theyre unofficial of course source is from ƒCƒ`ƒ}ƒ‹ƒV[
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    Could Terra be Xehanort?!

    chill namine. theyre only making speculations. whats wrong with that? its only natural if theyre looking forward to what happens. besides, its not like any of them are arguing.
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    I got one

    congrats on getting your game. <3 now that youre getting swap magic, you can import a bunch of other games and play them :3
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    There is an actual difference for roxas

    they kind of made the new nose more similar to soras, but the skin tone for FM+ kinda bothers me. its too bright and looks like it doesnt have enough shadowing on it XD that my opinion atleast.
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    There is an actual difference for roxas

    I was looking through some of the recent threads and found this: http://forums.khinsider.com/kingdom-hearts-ii-final-mix/92415-roxas-look-more-like-sora-kh2fm.html I thought it was interesting and found a solid difference x] just thought i would post em. Im too lazy to look for any...
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    Kh2 Manga

    I saw kh2 manga.. but it was in japanese..xD. hey. better than nothing. Heres the website i found it on http://www.sorasheart.com/
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    Namine? How?

    she was never a heartless.. but she DID lose her heart. The fact that shes a princess of hearts and has no darkness in her.. she didnt become a heartless. her heart ended up in sora before the island was destroyed
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    KH2 Smoothness

    i have the old one too.. i got mine 2002 xD. It worked just fine for me. The animation was fine for me.. but maybe its just me
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    Demnxy's guitar?

    well its not really all that random. i mean, your talking about a game that has the main characters swings a giant key around O.o
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    twilit town friends

    ask in the spoiler section
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    Kh commercial on disney channel

    well its pretty much same old disney 411.. they interview people. like Jesse and Haley's little sister and so forth.
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    Kh commercial on disney channel

    they finally got a commercial of kh in disney channel. it was on disney 411. i was flipping channels and i saw it. go check it out later. no im not making this up :]
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    Proud Mode is Impossible!!!

    i beat it on proud.. it was pretty easy for me, maybe you can try to level up more? im not sure.. maybe i beat it becuz i was on a high level.. not sure what it was but try leveling up :]
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    Is Yuffie Christy Carlson Romano still?

    no it isnt... i finished the game and observed the credits.. and no it wasnt her.
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    Two Keyblades?

    well actually.. roxas didnt have a special birth.. namine did. roxas was born from someone special but he was born like anyother nobody. a left behind shell.. accept this time sora became human again wich is the special part. now namine..*out of subjest* was born when sora release kairi's heart...
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    Other Nobodies

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    A whole bunch of voice actors

    "Aerith Gainsborough Mandy Moore" mandy moores NOT doing aeriths this time. and "siru" doesnt exsist... it was just a rumored name for roxas ages ago. roxas isnt even mentioned in this list. im not flaming so sorry if im sounding rude. :] edit: "Captain Jack Sparrow Johnny Depp" Johnny Depp...
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    New Keyblade Master

    well.. youll find out in one or two days.. anyways, welcome to teh forums :3
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    Possible VA for KH2?

    http://youtube.com/profile?user=Sora666 youtube link