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    You can change partymembers in battle. So maybe he doesn't have to fight to be able to fuse with you....
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    Hercules Keyhole?

    I have a question. Why do we have to seal Hercules' keyhole again. Didn't we do that in the last game?
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    Noticed Something weird. Sorry if already posted

    I noticed something too. I think if you fuse the bottom word on the command list says de-fuse. So if you watch closely you see him fuse and them the command list goes to the bottom one which what I think says de-fuse. So he de-fuses and that's why Donald is back, but the screen goes to another...
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    Question abot fusion with Donald

    Dude it isn't Valefour Form, it's Valor Form. And as for the donald+sora Form I don't have a name I thought it was Mystic Form
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    Sora's new moves?

    I thought they were really cool. You can use them only on a specific time when the enemy attacks. You'll see a triangle mark above your command menu and then you have to press triangle to do it.
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    Stuff you might not of known about Kingdom Hearts(or U might know!)

    HAHAHAHA. Sora wares mickey's clothes (hence the big shoes and white gloves)
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    question about reverse rebirth *spoilers*

    He went to atlantica, he helped sora defeat the first time you parasite cage. The other world we have to wait and see.
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    Steamboat Willie?

    Maybe Pete takes them their, because most of the bad guys are strongest in their own world.
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    The Trailer Shown @ E3 Press Conference

    Re: some major news about the trailer shown at the press confrence. We all know that everyone is in the game and we sorta know what part they play, but where is Riku? Maybe he's the unknown.
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    A surprising translation about Xaldin and belle.

    Hey good find. But if Kingdom Hearts is closed isn't their search for completeness useless
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    beating sephiroth

    Mine best level was 58 with a lot of elixers.
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    i need kh com rom (english)

    There are roms everywhere, but it isn't worth it. Because 1) It's not legal and 2) you can't play R/R on the roms
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    You can have 2 game files for sora's game and 2 for riku's.
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    Sora on KH2 better than KH?

    Yes, I like him more. He's more mature as the game also goes deeper into time. No more huge shoes, face structure has developed and clothes are cool.
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    present org. members

    Actually there are four roads. Light, dark and twilight. And when Riku says he's taking the middle road, DiZ asks: The road to dusk? And Riku replies no the road to Dawn. So there are actually 2 roads in Twilight
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    hey!if tidus was a kid in kh should'nt auron be one too?

    Yeah, Tidus', Selphie's and Wakka's age wasn't the same as in the FF-games, but the rest of them was right. I only want to know why there's wasn't right......
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    BHK's connection to KH2

    After seeing the scene with Naminé some people think he is like fake Riku. And Naminé put the good memories of Sora in him too.
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    Is it just me ...

    Yes it did I had the rom and all, but you couldn't play R/R on it, so I bought it today.
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    Is it just me ...

    Ja jongens COM is nu hier en is verkrijgbaar (translation: Yes guys COM is here now and is available)
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    New Interview with Nomura...

    Sorry but we already knew that