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  1. BahamutZERO

    List of Square-enix games at Jump Festa 2011!

    What is this!? I DON'T EVEN-
  2. BahamutZERO

    Anybody know wtf is with Disney Town?

    Honestly, the lack of capes bothered me more than the lack of NPC's... It's not like Snow White's World, or Aurora's World had alot of characters in the movie, anyway. As far as Hollow Bastion and Disney Town go...meh, I think maybe throwing in a few more FF characters to Radiant Garden...
  3. BahamutZERO

    Birth by Sleep Novel!!!

    Pix...? PlzNThankju <3
  4. BahamutZERO

    Thoughts on Bbs? Good? Bad? Ugly?

    There's a few of these threads, but whatever. I loved it, and hated it at the same time. The storyline, and the explanations made me sick, but the Gameplay itself was enjoyable, and the unlockable video's/Secret bosses/Trophies/Etc made the game all the more envigorating.
  5. BahamutZERO

    Yen Sid sense -- [Re:Coded spoilers]

    I believe that Ansem's Nobody is Mysterious Figure. If you take a second look at MF you can see that he has the Cloak of Organization XIII(duh), but what other details?? Well, first of all, he uses Light Blades. Who else uses these blades? Xemnas. Xemnas was very related to Ansem, and as...
  6. BahamutZERO

    A Theory on MF

    Mmmm....I actually have a feeling that Mysterious Figure is DiZ, or DiZ's nobody. I know, everyone is gonna be like, LOL, but somethin' tells me....hmm.....I really think it is. P.S. Totally off-topic, but does anyone wonder why Xemnas, being -Terranort's Nobody- uses Light Blade's...
  7. BahamutZERO

    Does anyone else have this on their copy?

    This. At the moment, my friend is borrowing my game, but once I get it back I'll definitely check.....if it does, I swear I'm gonna LOL, then be happy because I'll feel special! <3
  8. BahamutZERO

    What level were you guys when you beat Wheel Master?

    I was level 8. Oh, man...took me.......pshhh, 12 tries? Lol
  9. BahamutZERO

    BBS Analysis - Vanitas and Sora

    I like this theory, and I also believe this is why Sora's "Nobody"-Roxas- is symmetrical to Ventus. Although Roxas didn't have a heart, it is possible he took the appearance of Ventus over the appearance of Vanitus because of the lack of a heart in general, but still retaining his memories from...
  10. BahamutZERO

    Kingdom Hearts: Move

    I'm gonna have to go with no. :/ For the skinny folks like me, maybe it wouldn't be impossible if I had a giant livingroom, but I don't. It's a pretty confined space, and I don't want to buy the PSM crap. For fat kids, it's just a no.(and that's a large portion of the community, here in...
  11. BahamutZERO

    Officially beated the game 5 hours ago!

    Because "Standard" sounds a bit like "too hard" for some people. :/
  12. BahamutZERO

    Well, I guess I'm not "New", buttt...

    Surely I'm not a real member, until today. I showed up a few months back, but left shortly. I suppose this is my Re-introduction? Anywho, just poppin' in here to say hello, and such!
  13. BahamutZERO

    KH Recoded Europe Site?

    I'm sure Japan will have a site up soon enough.
  14. BahamutZERO

    Kingdom Hearts 3DS why?

    Confusing Endings are always the best kind. <3
  15. BahamutZERO

    Maleficent and the Heartless.

    Maybe the heartless tried to take over Maleficent, but she overpowered them by using her magic, or somethin' like that? Maybe the heartless are scared of her? I dunno. It doesn't seem like she controls any big heartless. Mostly just the little guys. Purebloods, mostly.
  16. BahamutZERO

    Coded coming America?

    If they're gonna release Coded, I hope they give it to PSP Go users. I LOVE my PSP Go, but it reminds me of a cell phone(in size), and I think Coded would run pretty good on it. xDD That's just my opinion, though. :P Oh, and i'd lawl if they did a "Re: Kingdom Hearts Coded" for like, PS3, or PSP.
  17. BahamutZERO

    Kingdom Hearts: The War of hearts!

    I noticed recently that my other thread of "Re: Dissidia: Kingdom Hearts "Characters" was closed, and for reasons unkown or shared to me...so.......i'm gonna repost it. o_o You guys need to try and realize that i'm not insulting Dissidia in any way, I am simply trying to start a neat and...
  18. BahamutZERO

    Re: Dissidia: Kingdom Hearts "Characters"!!

    Re: Dissidia: Kingdom Hearts "Characters"!! Alright guys! If you read,(and understood) the title, then you should know by now that this is NOT a real game(yet?), and this is simply a thread for posting the characters you think belong in a "Dissidia" Kingdom Hearts. Lemme throw a few rules at...
  19. BahamutZERO

    Just gonna jump right on in! ^__^

    Alrighty guys! I'm a dedicated Kingdom Hearts fan. Through all their falts, and all of their greatest works, I have always been there! I absolutely LOVE Kingdom Hearts, and don't get me wrong, I have ALOT of favorite games, but there's just something about Kingdom Hearts that really gets me...