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  1. imarvel

    Font in Kingdom Hearts?

    Is anyone aware of the name of the font used in Kingdom Hearts. Not the weird one made by Elliot truelove. The one that's used in the menu and subtitles. It's like an awesome version of comics sans...
  2. imarvel

    Enemy Profile

    so im guessing u need every single drop dropped by the gold shroom thing? doesn't he have like 20 drops -.-
  3. imarvel

    Remaking kh

    Has anyone attempted remaking kh. from ripping the models off the game and coding it. I've been trying to look for xna tutorials to show me how to code a hack n slash system, but I'm still empty handed. Anyone have any resources that you'll like to share.
  4. imarvel

    Enemy Profile

    so do you only need to get one stat chip per difficulty mode or do you need to get every single one they drop, because if it is, that's insane >.>
  5. imarvel

    Enemy Profile

    Black fungus, eliminator, and gold tre-something. How do you get the micky mouse sign next to their names... do they even drop anything...
  6. imarvel

    How do the difficulty levels compare to Birth By Sleep? *No actual spoilers*

    the modes honestly don't make it any more difficult imo. i think its the enemy strength multiplier that does.
  7. imarvel

    making 3d model.

    is it possible to create a 3d model of a kingdomhearts character using google sketchup? if so, how o.O
  8. imarvel

    what have you given up.

    So basically everyone's wa-... invested a huge amount of time on coded. For me, I have given up a lot of time I really should have and should be using to study for my midterms... I have no will. So what have you set aside.
  9. imarvel

    Where are the other KH1 worlds

  10. imarvel

    Is it worth it?

    Yeah, I hate to admit it, but it was far better than days. There's far more extras to do on coded than days, I'm pretty sure it'll take at least a hundred hours, 300 max to get all the accomplishments lol. days, it only took 50 hours to get all sigils and stuff and hit lvl 100 in all 3 modes...
  11. imarvel

    Tales Of The Eliminator

    Honestly. I died too many times and lost too many points to them assholes to remember...
  12. imarvel

    Re:coded - worth it?

    Re: Recoded whats so bad about the storyline in days, i think it was pretty awesome though it was kind of limited but that's because they're a 'secret' organization. coded is just a sidestory about bugs. it's like they're trying to show us programmers exist. no one looks at the code done in...
  13. imarvel

    Re:coded - worth it?

    Re: Recoded way too much gameplay variety. i mean that's what makes recoded hella fun, but i still want simple beat em up gameplay... Also, I hate the way they modified the stages like the ff games. it's like the dungeons, you die, you restart. i raged so hard when i kept restarting >.>...
  14. imarvel

    Re:coded - worth it?

    Re:coded - worth it? So from what you have played so far. Is it really worth the 35 bucks?? I honestly think days is far better... and it was the same price. was anyone disappointed by the introduction? it was all old cutscenes jumbled up with the 'code' effects around it... and the cutscenes...
  15. imarvel

    Why do they do this to us?

    I hate all the FM releases with my whole damn being... When I took a look at the new screenshots, I couldn't help but hate square enix >.>... Our extras are always insignificant compared to the extras they get from the FM releases... not to mention kickass game covers and limited edition game...
  16. imarvel

    Who did the impossible?

    omfg, i cant beat final xehanort battle... i thought you needed curaga/esuna + block to get renewable block, for the 360 degree block, but game wont let me? wtf.
  17. imarvel

    Who did the impossible?

    So exactly what the title says. Zero EXP in Critical mode for all three characters. I mean I just finished all the characters in all modes (trying to get 100% items/abilities/commandboard/etc. for each at the moment), and zero exp seems extremely daunting >.>, I'm giving it a hand with terra...
  18. imarvel

    Cutscene voice syncro

    When is an American game company make games like KH so we don't have to envy all the extras the Japs get... They have limited editions for game boy SP, DSi, PSP, OMFG! I lust for them. Except I dont have the means or money to get them. SE should get an american company to redo cutscenes... at...
  19. imarvel

    Cutscene voice syncro

    So it was Willa's first time? And SE actually decided to use a first timer? C'mon, and with one, if not the most anticipated game of the freaking year?! >=o, and kid sora is awesome. "I'm the best secretkeeper in the world" or something along those lines. That cutscene was really nice. Much...
  20. imarvel


    So uh first off, how do I include a sig every time i post? But mainly, how do you guys make such awesome sigs and avatars? I mean, i know everyone uses photoshop and gimp, but is there like a full tutorial that includes how to make sigs and avatars like epic epic?