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  1. Rae

    So, Tales of Xillia 2

    (Aka Tales of Depression.) The game itself comes out like two years ago, but the NA/EU release had only happened like almost two months ago, so Im actually surprised there isn't any thread alive talking about this game. I mean, come on, I can't be the only Tales player around...right? :'(...
  2. Rae

    Whoa now

    So many new things since the last time I pop around *^* Which was like...2011? 2010? Uhhhh... Anyway, no one probably remembers me (and the few who might are probably not here anymore) so please ignore that 'registered in 2006' thingy and consider me a fresh, brand new member! The Super Road...
  3. Rae

    Fanfiction ► Salvatore

    I wrote this out of insanity. Really. Didn't even think of a plot, and just let the whole thing write itself :| Now I'm thinking about making a complete chaptered-fanfic about Aqua's post-BBS—and bringing up the fact that I've only just finished Terra-Ven-Aqua's main storyline and haven't tried...
  4. Rae

    Liberation Sky

    'Been a while since I pop around here, and even longer since the last time I remember using C4D—okay, fractals. Comments? And to be real honest, yes I ran out of ideas for the text so uh—
  5. Rae


    So I gave up with that dark style from before >_> And instead I found an easier, brighter way =3= /thanks to an accident, srsly/ Another example would be my current sig >w< Tell me what do you guys think about this current style 83
  6. Rae

    Wilting and desperately needs water.

    v2 In desperate need of CnCs, because I rather like the way it turned out, but still thinks there's something really wrong with it. =3=
  7. Rae

    I slipped and got myself a frog in the mouth.

    1 2 (different placing of smudge layer + white, and a little nudge to the left, and some other random effects that I particularly couldn't remember) I seriously need more training other than doing headers for livejournal. .___. comments. critiques. whatever you think is wrong with those two...
  8. Rae

    Help/Support ► Glasses

    Well, with my current eye condition (-6.50 both eyes), I've given up getting better anyway. -sigh- ah, yeah, right, by the way, ans, how are your eyes? And you're right about drawbacks there, Ren. If you wear glasses, it'll be pretty easy to break it, bend it,... maybe the best solution for eye...
  9. Rae

    Help/Support ► Glasses

    :( I've been wearing glasses for...-counts- around 6 years. If I were to choose (again), I'd go for glasses. Contacts can irritate your eyes. x_x (this coming from someone whose cousin's eyes got damaged by contact lenses) Also, it's a pain to look for a dropped contact lens. xD Really...
  10. Rae

    So why COULDN'T anyone say "Photo"?

    lol yeah, though it would've been more convincing if Enix made that -BEEP- sound instead of muting the word xD. THAT, would've convinced me they were cursing. At first (when I played for the first time), I thought the dusks were so obsessed that they entered people's minds and took away the...
  11. Rae

    The new bad guys in BBS can't be "light"

    Right, everyone, humor me. duh. The whole eclipse theory IS pretty interesting... but let's return to the main ideas, and leave ECLIPSE for a while. Light, dark, twilight. (And yes, I have read the whole thread from page one.) Let's see... (sorry for spoilers, those who haven't see...
  12. Rae

    subthread suggestion!

    Umm...maybe this should be posted in the anime section...but I guess since this is a suggestion.... I just want to suggest about an anime/manga stuff sharing thread. Like, the GFX section have a resource section...so maybe we can have a sharing thread in the anime/manga section...like, if...
  13. Rae

    Quest for Release

    -FOR KH2FM+-. sheesh, you mixed up for and to...
  14. Rae

    Quest for Release

    I got a reply for my email already... Still no official reasons...
  15. Rae

    Quest for Release

    Umm..how about... -final chasers- ? ...just a suggestion...
  16. Rae

    Quest for Release

    Email sent; petition signed. This is the beginning of our struggle for KH2:FM+ and Re:CoM. And Souten, don't be such a negative person. THERE STILL A CHANCE. Enix still doesn't have a solid NO for the whole thing. Focusing on other projects doesn't mean it's the end!
  17. Rae

    Fanfiction ► I need help naming a character.

    Hmm... Ichi, i have a few suggestions for ya... - Riol (often pronounced Ri-o-re in Jap...) - Ehrgeiz (Well... now that's a little reminescence about FF Ehrgeiz...>.>) - Vior gaizehn (kaizehn if you want it to be just one word... OC from a fanfic i wrote with my friend... via real time.) -...
  18. Rae

    Fanfiction ► Writers and Artists Participating in a Collab - Sign Up Here!

    Hmm.... comedy fanfics are allowed as well right? Then I'm in! xD Script mode time again!! (I have enough time with fanfiction.net, now it's time to return to Kingdom Dummy script version!! xD) but anyone who wants to draw with me might need more than skill...>.> Oh well. I'm in!
  19. Rae

    Fanfiction ► The blackout parties

    Yup, my second fic in KHi, but dunno my which overall. I've been writing in Fanfiction.net all the time. Heheh. So, i'll make it clear first. The story will continue on request.That means, if any of you PM me personally to continue the story to another day, i'll fulfill it and add some more...
  20. Rae

    Have any of you beaten KH2 without the strategy guide?

    i never use ANY guides for ANY games. too lazy to read the whole part. so i never buy anymore strategies ever since i rip my mag into two. and how hard was it? not so hard--exception for Xaldin,that is....