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    Kingdom Hearts IV Release

    It seems to me that the production always struggles with timely release of flagship titles. When was KH3 released, 2019? In theory, KH4 should release this year. Other companies are better at putting out their sequels in about 3-4 years. I'd expect a KH4 release sometime in 2026 at the earliest...
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    General ► Dating Experience [NOT AN ADVICE THREAD]

    I'm in an interesting relationship. I would say my partner and I are exclusive. I'm 31 and she's 44, so quite an age gap, but we click on multiple levels. We are also interracial and in her community, especially as far as it concerns her father, it is heavily frowned upon for her to date me...
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    What is the worst video game you've ever played?

    Shadow the Hedgehog. I bought it for the Xbox. Horrible game... Atrocious handling.
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    What happened this year that made you feel old as heck?

    Other than the fact that I'm almost 31? Hmm. I still feel and look good. But, hard nights out at the bar are more difficult to recover from in the morning.
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    Ha, ha. Definitely. I'm in my 30s myself. When KH3 released several years back, I did buy it. I...

    Ha, ha. Definitely. I'm in my 30s myself. When KH3 released several years back, I did buy it. I, honestly, had difficulties accepting part of the story, but the gameplay was cool I guess and the pacing of the story was fine. I also didn't keep up with the other KH games. I, when I was younger, I...
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    Favorite treats you can no longer eat thread

    Yep. I can eat many aged cheeses because a lot of the lactose is cooked out in their development process, but I struggle a lot with ice cream and milk. I was able to handle a lot of dairy until my late teens to early 20s, but then one year I realized I had an issue. Since I've avoided stuff with...
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    Favorite treats you can no longer eat thread

    Ice cream. I can't do that anymore. It still tastes good, but the consequences only lead to pain. I understand that if I avoid things that hurt, no matter how good they taste, my body will thank me for it.
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    First Game You Ever Played

    Probably a Sonic game on Sega Saturn or Sega Genesis. It gets fuzzy thinking back that far. I mainly played with my cousins who were a bit older than me. The first actual game that belonged to me was Kirby Super Star on the Super NES. I grew up on Mario, arcade, handheld and fighting games, but...
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    God of War: Ragnarok(2022)

    I'm excited for it. I've read that this is the last game in the series for Scandinavia so the scale of this entry must be massive. I can't wait to go to town on those Asgardians... Though I am curious to see who the next series of secret bosses will turn out to be.
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    I ain't get shit and I want a PS5. I feel slighted lowkey!
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    Deathloop and GOW Ragnarok are what stood out to me the most. GOW has me the most hyped for next year in gaming.
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    When Are You Going To Buy A PS5 or Xbox Series X?

    I'll wait until GOW 5 or whatever they'll call it (Ragnarök I think)...
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    What is your job?

    I work for the Feds... I hold an expired license as a clinician on the side in the civilian sector (but I hadn't practiced in almost two years). Life has been an interesting turn of events, I'll say that.
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    What's a game that you would consider yourself a pro at (Aside from KH)?

    Games that come to mind for me are: MGS4, God of War (PS4), FF7, 9, 10, Dragon Quest XIII, Persona 5 (vanilla), Last of Us (the first one), and Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. I mentioned those games specifically because at a time I could play any one those games with my eyes...
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    The Last of Us Part II

    Can't wait. Those bastards will pay for what they did to Ellie. I'm talking about brick, bottle, or whatever to the face followed by a crowbar or something. And our old boy, Joel, is finally revealed in-game. Yep, time to crack skulls again.
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    How do you like your Coffee?

    I do drink coffee. I mainly drink it because it provides me with energy. I can go without, but I'd be a little groggy and sluggish. If I go long enough without coffee, I will be able to adapt without any of it, but I will go through withdrawals, but eventually I can adapt. I actually went a...
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    First Game You Ever Played

    Probably some computer game. I think it was alien based. For some specificity on something I can remember more clearly, I think it was Sonic on the Genesis or was it the Saturn? First game I owned, I think, was Kirby Super Star on the Super NES. I also remember playing a lot of Mario Kart on...
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    Which name did you like better: SquareSoft or Square Enix?

    Square Soft. It just feels right saying it. I've grown more accustomed to Square Enix as time passed, but Square Soft is what I prefer. I just generally say, "Square" when I'm referring to Square Enix.
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    Help/Support ► Problems with studying

    I suppose I was at that point during my life, I still do it every now and then because I have an active imagination. My advice would be you is, "what do you hope to get out of your current situation?? Usually, when I had goal and I figured out the steps I needed to take to reach that goal I...
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    Any young, silver foxes among us?

    I noticed my first grey hair a couple of weeks ago in my chin. I shaved it thinking it was probably a fluke, and felt it would grow back black (well, dark brown), sometimes there are blips in biology. I was wrong in this case. It's like a silver sliver that persists among dark hairs. Feeling...