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    Help/Support ► Alright ladies the GD needs your girl advice

    ....My brother looked for a girlfriend like that too, he found one but she dumped him. Kinda funny. But, still sad >.> So you mean, you want a girl advice for winning her heart? o_o If she's like a nice type in the outside better check her first in the inside >.> If you really want one so badly...
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    Hi - I'm DestinyForce!

    I'm new here :lol: Im only 10 and likes making siggies. I dont understand what "SHFJSDGH" means 0.o And im also RETARDED:23:.... Just kidding xD I like being funny all the time, and always get out of topic. I also like making new friends :cool: I'm a BIG fan of Kingdom Hearts :36: I'm...
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    Cool, so Xion isn't one of sora's nobody(NOT A NOBODY: and shes made out of memories?!) and a replica (omg wat does that mean?) made by Xemnas & Vexen. So in case roxas (or sora) refuses or failed to helping them w their goal. Xion was also made just in case Roxas (or sora) becomes useless for...