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  1. fei93

    News ► Kingdom Hearts II Play Arts Kai Roxas - Organization XIII Ver. releasing May 2017!

    Okay, this figure is amazing, now I'm confused between purchasing sora kingdom hearts III PAK or this one. (Both of them are pricey) :''(
  2. fei93

    Least Favorite Drive Form?

    Anti form for me. Completely mess with this form.
  3. fei93

    What is your favorite limit?

    Eternal Session : Sora X Riku this is my most favorite trinity limit.
  4. fei93

    Favorite Boss Battle Per Kingdom Hearts Game.

    Kingdom Hearts I : Dark Riku Kingdom Hearts II : Lingering Will / Luxord Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance : Ansem (playing as Riku) Kingdom Hearts Re: Com : Marluxia Kingdom Hearts BBS : Aqua vs. Terranort
  5. fei93

    What got you into the Kingdom Hearts series?

    Actually I have known KH since 2002s, but not really got into it (my brother was the one who always played it). But since I knew Final Fantasy X at around 2012- 2014s, I started to try Kingdom Hearts this time. Then, I got hooked into it. Start playing from Kingdom Hearts I followed by playing...
  6. fei93

    Re - Introduction, I'm back after a year!

    Actually I have ever made introduction once I'd joined this forum at September 2015 (Have been a year here), but sadly, I was not too active back then due to real life business. But, I'm here again and back to alive! Maybe I have missed a lot about this forum updates, so Let me do...
  7. fei93

    Mushroom number 11

    I used Wisdom Form, Equipped my Fenrir / Rumbling Rose Keyblade and also Negative Combo ability. Keep on the distance form it to make sure your hit counted. It's really tricky, but you can get used to it if you try again in case you're failed. Good Luck! :D
  8. fei93

    Hardest Organization 13 member?!?!

    Axel and Xaldin for me. They're the hardest.
  9. fei93

    KH2.5 ReMIX: Best Place/Way To Level Up?

    The best place and way to level up : 1. Equip the ability Experience boost. 2. You can use Gullwing Keyblade. 3. The best best for level up is The World that Never Was and Cavern of Remembrances ! Hope this 3 points can help you :)
  10. fei93

    Hello There!

    Hi there! I've just joined in here, let me introduce myself first. My name is Felicia, you can call me fei, feli, or felicia :) I'm from Indonesia. I'm cosplayer and freelance singer; and also student of vocal song in one of Music Studio in Indonesia. Have been fans of Kingdom Hearts since...