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    My KH:Days image

    Hey guys heartswithin here! What do you think of Days image that I made: Oh and if it's in the wrong section please move it... Thanks!
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    What did "Ansem" mean he said this?

    what you were feeling when you asked this question!!!:tongue: that's the meaning!!
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    What if...

    you want that to happen, don't you? well, he could battle Roxas again, unfortunately he's under Marluxia's control. That might happen. dang, KOV beat me to it
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    a question about roxas

    When Roxas went to castle oblivion, was Sora still there or was he already transported to the basement of the old mansion?
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    KHBBS Armor

    I guess your right
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    KHBBS Armor

    Hey guys I've just thought a really good theory. I was just watching the sleeping beauty movie and I saw how the three fairies gave prince phillip (prince charming of aurora) a sword and a shield. I think Flora, Fauna,and Merryweather might have given armors to TAV just to help defeat MX and DS...
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    Do you think Xion will have a title?

    Re: Do you think Xion will have a nickmane? hey I've got one "the shadow of two"
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    Ven Poh?

    I thought only girls was the only qualified to be a POH?
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    Hi! I'm a new member here and this thread that I read reminded me of something: http://forums.khinsider.com/future-kingdom-hearts/120803-bbs-358-2-days-lead-kh3.html I think KH3 is the time that Sora's friends tell him about what happened in BBS and Days He will Know that that the keyblade can...
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    Seashells... Leading to a possible connection?

    HI! I'm a new member so... Didn't roxas pick up a Tallasa Shell?