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  1. Sally-boiii

    News ► Kingdom Hearts IV and Missing-Link officially announced!

    Still kinda processing the fact that this game got announced much less processing that it's coming out. I guess that's what i get for not finishing remind. XD
  2. Sally-boiii

    Future announcements?

    You think DDD 2 is really going to happen??
  3. Sally-boiii

    And thus the circle of life continues XD

    As of yesterday I am officially an uncle to my baby nephew. My sister had a child, and I am indescribably excited. Still thinking about my extended family though.
  4. Sally-boiii

    Help/Support ► I often feel really unwanted (not your fault)

    Darkos honestly man, you are a very refreshing person, whose thoughts I get the opportunity to read. Try not to think you're a bother, I can empathize with you (as much as I can) about feeling that way. But chances are if anybody actually genuinely feels that way about you, and you haven't...
  5. Sally-boiii

    Need quick clarification

    I KNOW I wouldn't have been able to sift through and process all of that to coherently or even the patience to do it to come up with a timeline like that. And I commend you for it!
  6. Sally-boiii

    What do you think of the Kingdom Hearts fandom?

    I think the fandom is pretty dang cool. I always get impressed with how people are able to come up with theories for explanations on certain parts of the lore. One of my only gripe is about people who are very vocal (I suppose) about things yet don't know what they speak.
  7. Sally-boiii

    Help/Support ► Grandfather just passed away

    I don't even know why exactly I'm positng this thread i just don't know how i feel. I have lost all off my grandparents without ever really havinga conversation with them as of today and I feel numb and a tad empty honestly. It just frustrates me and saddens me. I don't mean to sound egocentric...
  8. Sally-boiii

    Need quick clarification

    1, first bolded msg) All of that would imply that Xehanort can do some astral projection type of magic to people very far away, using a method very akin to how time travel is explained in DDDs. Since there hasn't been any indication of him being able to do that I would assume that this may have...
  9. Sally-boiii

    Helping to get trees planted!

    This is kind of random I suppose, but for the past few months I have been using this search engine called Ecosia.org. It works exactly like google but the only difference is every search you do goes towards helping the company earn money almost specifically for planting trees. Why is this...
  10. Sally-boiii

    So how did Lea get a keyblade?

    so why was Yen sid surprised when he summoned it?
  11. Sally-boiii

    I need help. I'm stuck and I have no idea what to do!!!

    IDK what exactly you're referring to, but I am almost positive a YouTube walkthrough of Sora's time in the Grid in DDDs would be invaluable to you. Maybe you could start with that? Hope this helps.
  12. Sally-boiii

    Lea and the DTD

    I think it has to do with the presumed access to Kingdom hearts that the door to darkness provides or at least to the realm in which it exists. Not entirely sure though. That would probably tie into Lea's motivations, wanting to save Saiix, Roxas, Xion, etc., was well.
  13. Sally-boiii

    Help/Support ► Acne

    IDK if this going to give any amount of extensive help to anyone, but when I was going through puberty (when I was a young lad!!! <scraggly old man voice>) I stopped eating fast food, candy, and stopped drinking soda altogether. And that helped practically entirely clear up my acne altogether...
  14. Sally-boiii

    Rumble Racing: Trouble on the Track

    decreasing the amount of opponents you have to face should help
  15. Sally-boiii

    Eraqus isn't getting enough hate?

    What makes it even more confoundingly mind boggling is that in canon this could not have been any extremely extended amount of time between when this happened and the event of BBS starting from the MoM of Mastery, surely Eraqueez (derp) must have known that had something to do with Xehanort...
  16. Sally-boiii

    In Defense of Yen Sid's Mark of Mastery Test (and some criticism)

    I agree with everything in the post except the last part. This is just not true per Yen Sid's words in 3Ds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idL-hEDRS6g (at around the 9:30-9:45 minute mark) Granted, I'll admit that the motivations for your saying that are beyond me so I'm willing to listen to...
  17. Sally-boiii

    This game is shit

    Idk if it's because this was the first KH game I played or something else but I liked it honestly. Now comparatively of course KH2 is going to be the better game, but it's a tad weird/odd to be like "oh well this game isn't good" or "this game is shit" because it doesn't have the same...
  18. Sally-boiii

    Question about the Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Poster

    One of the only things I can think of, as to why it would be in this, is to hint at a somewhat higher role the goatblade might play in KH3 (however bad that might sound).
  19. Sally-boiii

    Help/Support ► I feel like I'm being used by someone

    Sounds pretty rough to be going through man. I'm sorry you have to experience this. However, I can't really condone the idea of blatant humiliation of someone at least for the reason you laid out... BUT I don't think you being vindictive about the situation is going to ultimately help anyone. Be...
  20. Sally-boiii

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 FCP tops sales charts with 137k units sold first week in Japan

    however valid that might be, I feel as though 2.8 isn't exactly the problem here, but instead it might all of what their doing with Ux that might be shooting themselves in the foot. 2.8 itself should have done well, but I feel as though the horrible management that is Ux has a part to play in...