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    Another New 358/2 Days TV Commercial + Scan!

    Yeah, thanks Ringleader ^ ^ I was looking at the 358/2 Days site a minute ago, and they have added more wallpapers under the download section if anyone doesn't know/ or is interested. KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days
  2. Q

    14 More Days till 358/2 Days comes out

    As much as I'd like to import, I probably won't. I'll just have to refrain myself from spoiling things.
  3. Q

    Nomura Discusses KH DSi Design

    Agreed. I think the design is pretty cute... It's patterns are instantly recognisable as being something KH (if you've played it anyway).
  4. Q

    New Update On 358/2 Days Website

    Re: kh 358/2 website new update Got in a little late- a thread like this has already been made. Thanks anyway though :D
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    New Update On 358/2 Days Website

    Rrgh, Australia is always left till last :< Damn it.
  6. Q

    New Update On 358/2 Days Website

    I havent seen this on the site before. Thanks a lot for the update! I appreciate it :D
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    358/2 Days Official Site Adds New Trailer

    oooh. Thanks for the heads up bm! I will enjoy this ^-^
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    358/2 Days confirmed released date! FOR JAPAN Plus New Screenshots

    Sweet. I'll be waiting for it. Might not get one, but I'll see :D
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    Help/Support ► Date to a Dance

    Well I think your first mistake was to invite her friend just for her benefit. I'm sure she could deal with being alone for a while. And besides, wouldn't going to this dance be a good opportunity to meet other people? Anyway, it seems that your in quite a pickle. Imagine how she would feel if...
  10. Q

    Who are they?

    The shading is odd with the figure to the far left.. why blue? It could be Zexion.. I've looked at these before, but I'm clueless about who it is :s Guess we'll have to wait and see... It could be explained in 358/2 Days? Maybe it doesn't have that greater meaning. Maybe it's just focused on...
  11. Q

    new pictures of axel and roxas!!!

    Nice job on finding the pictures. Thanks heaps :D
  12. Q

    re:com release date for the UK

    Re: com release date for the UK Sorry, I've got no idea either. You could always import... maybe? It sucks, PAL is always left till last >.<
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    Help/Support ► Facebook

    I didn't like Facebook.. And I wasn't interested in it until a friend was leaving and that was the only practical way of contacting her. I say get it. If your really like this girl, go for it :D I guess it's okay.
  14. Q

    UPDATED w/Scans: 358/2 Days - April V Jump Details

    This is great. Thank you :D
  15. Q

    UPDATED w/Scan: 358/2 Days - May Release for Japan

    This is awesome. Thanks bm XD
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    Help/Support ► My Best Friend is Suicidal

    Re: I Think My Best Friend is Suicidal I understand. Best wishes for everything then. I hope your okay too.
  17. Q

    Help/Support ► My Best Friend is Suicidal

    Re: I Think My Best Friend is Suicidal Yeah... I was reading your earlier posts and I think it will be good for him to stay at your house ^-^ If it happens, are you still going to have him around if he doesn't feel like it? He might not feel up to it, that's all.
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    Help/Support ► My Best Friend is Suicidal

    Re: I Think My Best Friend is Suicidal Yeah, but I mean when he gets out silly XD I should have said before, sorry... I agree with you though, it probably is good for him, for now.
  19. Q

    Re com site updated

    Thank you, but as others have said, we've been told about this... You enjoy it now ^-^
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    Help/Support ► My Best Friend is Suicidal

    Re: I Think My Best Friend is Suicidal Haha XD But on a serious note, I really hope your friend is going to be okay. Make sure he knows your there for him. Keep him safe ^-^