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  1. Radar

    Protagonist Roxas

    In the scene in DDD when Roxas says, "This could have been the other way around.." (english version) what exactly is he implying? I know Roxas was the 2nd choice as the 13th vessel, but he makes it sound like he could have been the Hero, and have absorbed Sora instead of vice-versa. He says...
  2. Radar

    Xehanort's 13

    I know the x-blade broke into 7 lights, and 13 darknesses. What I wonder is, how is Xehanort -making- these 13 darknessess. The princess are the lights, so I thought the darknesses would be allready chosen and already assigned.. But MX says he is splitting his heart into 13 vessels. But don't...
  3. Radar

    Was any sort of explanation given for...

    Maybe the Riku Replica will team up with Sora and them but I doubt it, I don't really want to see him as evil. Maybe he does something big to affect the plot in kh3 like YX did in DDD.
  4. Radar

    KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 Re:MIX Discussion

    Re: HD Remaster/Remake Discussion Thread HD's of BBS and KH1 are the most likely candidates in my opinion; maybe because those are the two I want to see the most. Days was really good, but they should have really had more cutscenes.
  5. Radar

    Dream Drop Distance "Side Sora" Novel for June 28th

    I hope these novels go further in details about Young Xehanort, the other xehanorts he has been collecting, and other secrets not in the game.
  6. Radar

    KH3D Ultimania Nomura Interview! - Future KH Announcement soon!

    I bet Nomura cancelled the whole BBSv2 thing because he knew fans just want to get to kh3, and with another game before it, he might piss some of them off, and also probably because he wants to do kh3 so he can start focusing on the next saga. A shame; though, I actually think a CGI like FF7:AC...
  7. Radar

    KHII FM Secret Trailer Foreshadowing

    I don't know about Vanitas with Silver hair, it is a good idea though. However if he is in one of the black cloaks in kh3 instead of his usual outfit, I hope he still has his black hair. Maybe though later in the game, when Xehanort tries to put together the 13 darkness' or himself, maybe all...
  8. Radar

    Dat Guardian...

    He does not look much like Terra
  9. Radar

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Play Arts and Formation Arts Announced!

    Oh my gosh so they are making DDD figures but still not BBS figures. Oh my gosh. I'm just disappointed. And sad.
  10. Radar

    A less complex alternative

    Memory, I love what you did there. Thank you/ Is it confirmed that YMX is MX's nobody when he possessed Terra?
  11. Radar

    The X's in organization

    Well everyone has darkness in them apparently, except for the & princess' of heart and Ventus.
  12. Radar

    Sora's clothes in future titles

    I always wanted Riku to have something white and black. Hopefully with sick armor for kh3. But Sora it is hard to imagine for me for some reason. I am sure Noumra will give him a new design for kh3 though.
  13. Radar

    Lea Discussion

    Thank you krexia, I have not seen the subs for that yet. And here I was expecting DDD to showcase Isa and Lea's past. Boy was I mistaken!
  14. Radar

    Lea Discussion

    Does Lea even know how he got a key-blade?
  15. Radar


    I have no idea, but I would like to read some of DiZ reports regarding Namine..
  16. Radar

    The explanation of nobodies

    I was hit very hard when I learned this plot-point. But hey, now it makes things 13X more intense.
  17. Radar

    Light v dark

    Yes I cant tell the difference, I just feel he does not need to have a psychical form in order to come back, (xion as well.) I feel it may be a little weird having Roxas/Ventus fighting together. Though Roxas did say he thought he would be fine inside of Sora, but he isn't apparently. What...
  18. Radar

    Light v dark

    I could see this because.. Aprentice Xehanort might be one of the 13 darknesses. And Roxas having a pyschical form, when we know ventus is one of the lights, just seems awkward. Unless perhaps Roxas had an entire different look, but Im not sure about that one.
  19. Radar

    Xehanort Timeline

    Nice timeline there, I haven't played the game, only seen the subbed cut-scenes, so this helps out with some of the confusion I felt. Thanks.
  20. Radar

    Kingdom Hearts 3D - Ending + Secret Ending

    Even though it is only seven people against thirteen, I think it will qualify as the next keyblade war. The seven lights are the last defense guarding the seven hearts of pure light, so if Xehanort's 13 group wins the battle, all is lost. Hence the ability to call this final battle a "war" in...