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    BBS keyblades

    i think the keyblade now has keychains and chooses it master because it wants 2
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    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chains of Memories discussion

    Re: The official Re:CoM in America thread. the best part of this is i will finally play as riku, and heartless riku
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    my brother has a question

    my brother has a question, he says when roxas was fighting sora in that cutsecne at twtnw, roxas says "why did he chose u". he thinks he's refurring to terra, but i think he's talking about xemnas. what do u ppl think
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    official kh birth by sleep start screen from DKE3713

    dude u need to learn how to read
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    official kh birth by sleep start screen from DKE3713

    dude the guy who made this said HE FELT LIKE MAKING AN OPENING MENU try clicking more info
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    Yoko Shimomura Performs New Song For BBS!

    i wanna hear it, bet it would sound cool
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    My idea of the Unbirths and the true meaning of "Birth by Sleep"

    very good theorie, i like it a lot cuz evrythng fits
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    i wouldnt have the pationce or time to do that
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    Anyone else think "Unbirths" will change?

    it will prbly change again lol
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    what do u think vens real name is?

    i wanna know what u think vens real name is. take a guess.....
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    Everything We Know About XIV/Xion So Far

    good job, im getting confuzed about the ? thread, when are u gunna finish it?
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    Official "Unbirths" Discussion and Speculation Thread!

    unibirths sound more kingdom hearts
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    Princeeses, Terra, Darkness?

    i highly dought it. all of the other villans helped her, jafar, ect.
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    Riku's Nobodie

    i thought xh took his body and sent rikus heart into darkness
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    Massive BBS theory!!!

    not entirely, u forgot other worlds + some they didnt annouce yet and i dont think alice iwl will be in it cuz she'd be like 2yo but yeah
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    Massive BBS theory!!!

    ^^ this still doesnt make it a MASSIVE theory, in fact, it isnt even a theory, its perty much a fact now!
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    Massive BBS theory!!!

    a lot of people already know all of this its kinda old but its an alright thread.... not really
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    Massive BBS theory!!!

    thats not really a MASSIVE theory
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    Massive BBS theory!!!

    dont forget about sunset horizons
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    KH2 riku figure!

    dam thats expensive. $90 for something with no color on it