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  1. Kounelli

    1.5+2.5 load times comparison: PS3 vs PS4

    That's great! I always hated the load times and my PS3 would make the darnest noises haha.
  2. Kounelli

    Worst KH pairing?

    Aqua x Ven is pretty high on the list for me. I see it and Vanitas x Aqua a lot and it makes me uncomfortable since she's a grown woman and he's like 15.
  3. Kounelli

    Help/Support ► Problems with studying

    Sure! Anything I can do to help!
  4. Kounelli

    Help/Support ► Problems with studying

    Oh well, hopefully if any Juniors from American schools see my post they will find it interesting xD What country do you live in? Is there a profession that is popular there that you would be able to excel in?
  5. Kounelli

    Help/Support ► Problems with studying

    Typically, tutoring is when you go ask the teacher for help outside of normal class time. This can be before school, after school, or even during lunch. It depends on when the teacher is available. Most teachers are able to give some one-on-one help outside of normal instruction, otherwise, you...
  6. Kounelli

    Help/Support ► Problems with studying

    @Xickin My Master's is in Education with a license to teach in an elementary school. :)
  7. Kounelli

    Help/Support ► Problems with studying

    I have ADHD and let me tell you, it's not easy trying to pay attention even now as I'm completing my master's degree. Some things that have helped me throughout high school is to go to tutoring and re-learn the material outside of class. If I never got that one-on-one with the teacher, then I...
  8. Kounelli

    TV ► The Young Pope (TV MA Rated)

    I haven't finished this series but I've caught about two episodes and the premise is a little intriguing. Coming from a family that values religious doctrines and history, I was always a little fascinated by the concept of the Vatican and how a fictional story would work with it. Jude Law plays...
  9. Kounelli

    Help/Support ► My mother has cancer

    I am sorry to hear that Muke! Cancer is a horrible thing that has become such a problem in this day and age. I try to donate to cancer research as much as I can because it has effected my family/friends as well. I am wishing for your mother to recover, this is not an easy time and you...
  10. Kounelli

    News ► Playstation JP reveals KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 + 2.5 Main Menu

    Oh! I always called them blank/doll faces but figured that must have been what you were talking about. I agree, I hope they can take those out completely but I'm not holding my breath on it tbh. :/
  11. Kounelli

    News ► Playstation JP reveals KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 + 2.5 Main Menu

    Eh, I personally don't mind upgrading especially with all the trouble my PS3 has been giving me lately. In regards to comments about "fish faces" Muke, what did you mean by that exactly? What's a fish-face in KH? lol
  12. Kounelli

    Help/Support ► Worried about stuff

    Maturity does not equal personality. You can be naturally fun-loving and enjoy the more pleasurable things in life, this is part of your personality, especially when you are in the comfort of your friends and family. Being able to conduct yourself professionally for work or school is part of the...
  13. Kounelli

    Kingdom Hearts Nostalgia/Opposite of it

    We look at the criticisms of Kingdom Hearts now and comment on it's quality as a franchise and how nostalgia has kept it alive, but was there ever something in the games you used to hate as a kid that you now enjoy? Perhaps something you took for granted as just bad game-play/story only to find...
  14. Kounelli

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Sorrow

    Ooooh Hunchback yes! Can't wait to see how the characters interact with this world this is gonna be great! <3
  15. Kounelli

    Help/Support ► Homesickness?

    It just kind of dawned on me yesterday that it's been 8 years since I've been in Greece and left most of my family behind (I'm with mom+dad and sis now) and I just feel sad about it. It's not that I hate Las Vegas I mean I practically grew up here but I just miss going back to Greece for...
  16. Kounelli

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Sorrow

    Love the story so far Muke! It's definitely cute and I like how you write the characters. :)
  17. Kounelli

    How would you react to...

    I think it would be cool, but I would like the setting to change as well. The sandbox looks of the worlds in KHII aren't very accommodating towards things like the 1000 heartless battle though I understand the engine/hardware limits.
  18. Kounelli

    Help/Support ► Survey for School

    I did the survey for you! I like how this community helps the other with stuff like this. Maybe I will take the opportunity to share my grad papers with you guys hahaha.
  19. Kounelli

    What are you going to do with your original copy of Dream Drop Distance?

    I've kept all of my original copies so far, even the CoM game on the GBA. Not gonna change with DDD
  20. Kounelli

    Help/Support ► Why you hate me...

    I can see that you are having a breakdown right now and suggest you take some time off and do something that relaxes you until you can reflect on your behavior here and the other site. When you are calm, you can try to reach out to someone again and listen so some of their suggestions. You are...