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    Command Board

    I found it to be a rather enjoyable game, until Captain Dark shows up. It is very useful in one aspect: Shotlocks, namely Lightning Ray. That move is so OP it is ridiculous. That move can kill most bosses with two or three Max shots. I actually made Gantu go to -5300 GP. I loled everywhere.
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    Ven is NOT a roxas clone

    Personally, I think that a portion of Ven's heart went into Roxas, if not the entire thing. Nobodies are not physically and emotionally capable of crying, although Roxas had done that on a few separate occasions. Even though Roxas was formed of the same process as a Nobody, he is not a...
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    Already playing? Get in here! Your BbS impressions thread.

    Just last night I completed all three scenarios on Critical! The game was absolutely epic. I haven't found all of the treasures and completed all of the minigames and such, but I defeated all of the final bosses on Critical. First I did Ventus, and I finished him at level 38. Aqua was second...