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    The Israeli - Palestenian Conflict Escalation | Israel Point of View

    Greetings, I am an Israeli soldier. And no I do not deal with Israeli Propaganda on the internet, I am a simple tank driver. I would like to hear your opinions on what should Israel do in the current conflict. BBC News - Gaza militants fire dozens of mortars into Israel Palestinians and...
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    Help/Support ► any other psychology students?

    Heh, that reminds me of my project :) mine was two choices: Psychology and Socialogy. I chose Socialogy because it was easier and I could conduct a much more interesting and creative subject. Obviously you need to do it on some sort of man behaviour. Like: video games, movies, social interests...
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    Help/Support ► Is it possible to get images from a flash source?

    It is possible by one way I know of, extracting the .fla out of the .swf file. Highly illegal, so I can't really give you that. You could turn to the cheap way, a button named "print screen""
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    Help/Support ► I hate having to ask stuff like this lol

    :S Are you serious? well anyway, yeah, it's clear that you two are an emotional couple, does it suit you? If it does, I don't see a problem. Just flow with it. Don't try to hasten things up, and save your most important places and moments to give her/show her for later on, you can't use your...
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    Help/Support ► I hate having to ask stuff like this lol

    A month isn't much time for a relationship. And yet she already said "I love you". This could mean several things, she acts on emotion rather than thought, which is very plausible for a woman to do after sex, that would not mean a lot yet, and you shouldn't be worried to reply with "I love you"...
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    Help/Support ► Dealing with Loss

    What's done is done. You can either swell in sorrow and risk yourself getting into a depression yourself, or either look at the past and use it to make you a better person. You may or you may have not had the chance to save those guys, either way it's the past. And although the impact is as...
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    Japaense Box Art (Looks Fun!)

    it's weird.. the only covers he smile at are the covers that suggests something is up his ass (recoded: corner of a cube, KH2 fm: a whole white pillar)
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    Final Trailer (now with Simple and Clean!)

    Re: Final Trailer Here (7:11) For me Aqua sounds natural and very human, unlike the others who sound like they´re just another kids voice actors for another anime or game. She sounds real, and flows with her lines. but that´s just me, maybe because she sounds like my ex. and god people, stop...
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    My life in the army

    Chapter 1: Basic Training A tank driver, serving in the 188th brigade at the Israeli Defense Forces. How it all began? It was a sunny day, the day I recruited was a day of mess. In a matter of a day I turned from a citizen into a soldier. I had to go through hours of checkouts, bored to hell...
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    Eagle Owl Peak

    A few years back, I participated in a writing contest that had a catch. The catch was, write anything you want inspired by the picture that the mod put. Here's my entry. Eagle Owl Peak It's funny you know, looking as terrifying and intimidating as a height of a cliff, for those who, at least...
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    The Sound of A Woman - And What I Had For A Midnight Snack

    Ah. The sound a woman makes as she sleeps. It was dark, gloomy. I sat on a chair by the bed. Listening. Her slow breaths were calling me, surrounding me. So I joined her, laying behind her back patting her dark hair that shined from the broken shards of the moonlit as it passed through cracks in...
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    Vexen The Movie

    A full length movie, that fully focus on the underrated character Vexen who painfully died by the hands of the Axel the nazi. This is his story. Prequel (Fresh from BBS, was made after the movie so you should go back and see it when you're done with the movie): YouTube - [BBS] When Vexen was...
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    Vexen Memorial Day 11.12

    Yeah right, Zexion. A coward to not even face Sora in battle and then met his end by the end of a Replica... (made by Vexen)
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    Vexen Memorial Day 11.12

    We mourn his death, cry and usually stand one minute in silent for his commemoration. Me and my pals have always done something for this day, my friend has composed a song for Vexen , I created several artworks and a movie (you can watch it in the links up there).. [and no, we don't take it too...
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    Vexen Memorial Day 11.12

    Blasphemy!!@#!@#$ @$!!$@#!$@#
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    Vexen Memorial Day 11.12

    5 years ago, when COM was released on the 11.11, we all witnessed in horror the death of our loved character Vexen. Number 4# of the organization , murdered by no other than Axel, conspired by Marluxia. The day of his death was set a day after COM'S events started, making it the 12th of...
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    A question to atheists

    Pretend as if god suddenly gave up on humanity, and decided to abandon it completely and leave it for it´s own destiny. How do you imagine a world without god?
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    Help defeating Vexen

    you cruel soulless man.
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    square could've done a better job, yes. But it gave me what I wanted, more kingdom hearts. I mean, they could at least give me the option to ELIMINIATE Axel for what he did to Vexen.. but NOOO he's a hero now :(
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    What IS wrong with KH2 Aerith?

    Her voice did damage to my ears. I replayed FF7 just to see her dies again. (and I absolutely loved the character on FF7 and KH1)